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NerdSpot: Brian Michael Bendis

NerdSpot: Brian Michael Bendis
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Do yourself a favor, read comics. Do yourself a bigger favor and look at who writes them. Youll find that the best comics arent flukes, theyre written by writers who understand your favorite characters better than you do and forces them to grow before your eyes.

Brian Michael Bendis is the author of several comic lines that have gained a great deal of notoriety over the past few years. Among them are Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, and House of M. Hes also a five-time Eisner Award winner.

Hes currently writing Marvels All New X-Men, which Im currently reading alongside his run of Avengers Age of Ultron. Both of these story lines demonstrate Bendis prowess with dark visions of humanitys future. In All New X-Men, Cyclops has to come to terms with his actions after the Phoenix Force possessed him, while the X-Men at large are reeling from their loss and trying to protect the first new mutants since the events in House of M at the same time. Yes, thats the second mention of House of M. Go read it already! All New X-Men is a fantastic read and you should jump on board immediately.

Bendis style harkens back from his early days creating original Noir comics. And while theres no femme fatales seducing a darkly lit detective into a world of intrigue and subterfuge, it definitively allures you into its web of story lines. The work is gripping. Its emotional. And it tends to leave you considering your own reflection in this world. But its not all doom and gloom. Good drama gains buoyancy from small pockets of humor. His Ultimate Spider-Man is a classic example of wit in the face of deadly conflict. But youll find it echoed through appropriate characters in each of his works. And I, for one, thoroughly appreciate it.

Bendis career in comics has brought joy, shock, and thrills to readers for years. And while you may not have put the pieces together to realize it, hes shaped the Marvel Comics universe for years to come. We here at Good Nerd Bad Nerd live for writers like him, who propel the comics industry forward with careful attention to their craft and our passion for the characters under his pen.

Check out his work by visiting his main website, or stop by your local comic book shop and ask them to point you in the right aisle. Because reading comics is the best decision youve made since you stopped wearing your pants on backwards in those awkward Junior High years!
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