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Bryan Scheidler
My name is Bryan Scheidler and I am the Creator, Host, and Editor in Chief of this fine production. I'm a lifelong nerd and can be found embracing any and all nerdy content that I can get my hands on. While I got my introduction to nerd culture through Marvel Comics I am also passionate about anime, tv/film, cars, gaming, comics in general and more. When I am not running this nerdy empire I can be found with my family; my wife Megan and my three little nerds that I am grooming into Super Nerds.

Adrea Scheidler
My name is Adrea Scheidler and before I was a wife of a super cool guy and a mother to three adorable kids I was first and foremost a nerd. I watched Star Wars and Battle for Endor on repeat...for years. My imaginary friends were Batman and Robin (Apparently we kept leaving Robin in supermarkets so my mom would have to double back to retrieve him). I am a highly biased shipper - but not for the traditional chick-flick type romance. No... no Nicholas Sparks stories for me*. I'm guessing that partly due to my hero worship of my older brother and partly due to the fact that he had complete control of the TV through out my entire childhood - my first ships were Duke/Scarlett and RedLionGuy/Princess (I didn't watch Voltron for the plot! people!). I read a lot of books, I watch a lot of tv and movies because I love stories and characters and plots and relationships all mixed in therein... unless they sink my ship... then I hate everything.

Matt Gilmore

Jennifer Stripe
My name is Jennifer Stripe and I am, indeed, a nerd.  Though raised among Muggles, after spending most of my adult years living a real life version of The Big Bang Theory, I've slowly been indoctrinated into this wonderfully weird culture.  Admittedly, most of my early interest was born out of necessity.  First surrounded by diehard nerds in high school as a video editing student, my nerdom exposure was certainly amplified after pursing bachelors and master’s degrees in molecular and cancer biology.  Following the “adapt or die” adage, it wasn't long before this fringe interest evolved into a (dare I use the cliché) passion (of sorts).  At the risk of further pretentious elaboration, I’m currently working on a second master’s (yes, you read that right –smart people make dumb choices everyday) in something or other with vaguely defined plans for future greatness.  When I’m not otherwise busy being awesome, I excel at parallel parking, cooking, Pinteresting, and running while taking care of an extraordinarily cute miniature dachshund named Stanley.  

Trisha Quezada
I’m Good Nerd Bad Nerd’s resident Word Nerd, Trisha Quezada. While the rest of the nerd team grew up on movies and comics, I’ve always loved getting totally immersed in a good book – the longer the better! Starting with The Hobbit in 4th grade, I fell in love with fantasy novels, quickly moving through the Shanara series, the Belgariad, the Wheel of Time…you get the picture. I also read some Science Fiction – Dune, the Ender books, CS Friedman’s novels, C.J. Cherryh’s books, etc. - and even took a Sci Fi class as part of my English major in college. While I’m a fan of the other nerdy formats, books are my favorite. And somehow, even with a husband, 2 kids, and a day job, I still find time to read a book or so a week.

Jeremiah Oshiro

Derek Heeren

Julie Perez

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