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Where Nerds Eat: Pismo Beach Day 3

Where Nerds Eat: Pismo Beach Day 3
by Michael Quezada

Our last day of our trip we knew we had to do it right, so after really long morning of recoperating from the race, we hit some places that ran the spectrum of style and service. The first place was a German style beer house called Beda's Biergarten, like it sounds they serving German food and beer. It was so hot however that the inside was too full. Which is great for them bad for us, so we sat on their indoor out door bar, and only did a sampling of the beers and a snack. The beers were great , the pretezel  (I was hoping was going to be like at Barrelworks, sadly it was not) was traditional and served with a German style dipping sauce called Obatzda.  It was so hot that all I wanted was just some really cold beer, the server recommended the tasting flight, I chose the Konig Pilsner: Light refreshing German Pilsner :ABV 4.9%, Edinger Weisse: Smooth, crisp, with subtle citrus.ABV 5.6, KOSTRITZER SCHWARZBIER: Coffee like notes with roasted malt flavors balanced by a smooth hop.ABV 4.8%, and their seasonal Hef.  The place is nice, but maybe it was just a hot day. The beer was good and service was fine, but the food just didn't seem to be all that great. However I did only have a pretzel and it was a really hot day. So overall I would give this place a 3Nerd Glasses review, but further inspection may have to be made.

Our second stop was around the corner at the brewery Bang the Drum, this is one of the smallest breweries in SLO county, but what they lack in size they make up for in quality and style. Their whole overall package is just laid back and chill. You can tell they put a lot of quality an effort into the beers they make. I went for a tasting flight and the wife just had the Honey blond pint. Great flavors and a whole lot of relaxing is their style. This Nerd gives them 3.75 Nerd Glasses, for great service, great beer, and being pet friendly.

Our 3rd and final place we visited, was recommended to us by some locals who know food, and that was what we needed,  SIDECAR,, screams of trendy hipster nerd bar, with hand crafted everything and great food and cocktail list. We sat at the bar, while happy hour was going on and were very happy with the out come. It wasn't very busy but there only seemed to be the bartender and one server on, drinks were all hand crafted and beers were all local and micro brew in style. We started with Brussels Sprouts with Bleu cheese and Balsamic Vineger reduction, the house made Tater Tots with Cheddar cheese, and  the Pork Belly Sticky buns with slaw and sriracha aioli. And we finished with Steak Fries with Poblano chili and avacado mousse, and Risotto with Pancetta, wild mushrooms and pea-asparagus mint puree.

Food was amazing, drinks and beers were great, but service lacked at tad,but the food well made up for it. Nerd review 3.75 Nerd Glasses out of 5.

Well that's it for now. As I sit here writing this review, I can't thank the great people that we met  along the way enough.  It's easier being a Food Nerd now a days, than it used to be. However my wife still gives me a hard time for taking so many food pics and for making her run that Half Marathon, even though it was really pretty and very well run.

Till next time,
Mike Q, the Food Nerd

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