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The Walking Dead Review Season 6 Episode 4

The Walking Dead Review Season 6 Episode 4
by Steve Tenney

Ok, so this may be a little awkward… Not like a room full of close talkers awkward, but awkward nonetheless. My name is Steve Tenney. I am an old school comics-head who has morphed into an adult with a downright zeal for comics and comics related media as well as an ASTOUNDINGLY unnatural fear of zombies. I have spent the better part of the last few weeks mercilessly chiding our mutual friend, Bryan “The Good Nerd” Scheidler, for having absolutely ZERO content related to the number one comic based television show to ever air, The Walking Dead. Now he claims that he simply doesn’t have the time to remain up to date on the show and that it is simply low on his priority list. To that I say, BALDERDASH! This show has become a national phenomenon; with record setting viewership. Surely something must be done… Well, Bryan decided to finally do something . He told this beaten down, old burn out to do it himself.

So here I am.

Starting a review blog about a show midway through its sixth season. Timely as ever, that’s why I succeed!

One more thing, this is more of a review of my thoughts on the episode than a recap. You can get a recap anywhere, but THIS… This you can only get here.

Oh yeah, this is gonna be super spoilery so turn back now if you haven’t watched the show…

So basically we have a flashback episode that informs us on how Morgan got from crazed murderbot, holed up in a makeshift armory to the hippy, peace and love, non-killing Morgan that we see currently.

When last we saw Morgan a few years ago, he was busy ambushing civilians and spearing walkers, well not much has changed. The only major change is that in an apparently riveting conversation with himself, he burned down his house. So now he is on the move throughout the forest moon of Georgia. Seriously though, I’ve never been to Atlanta, or Georgia for that matter, do the local forests stretch on forever ala Endor? I suppose if we come across fur covered, half sized, bipedal, civilized bears then my question will be answered…

So Morgan is on the move with his whole traveling circus of death. Homeboy is just wrecking piles and piles of walkers… literally. But his mobile death machine isn’t limited to walkers alone, no no. He also kills two guys who were following him. We don’t know if they were out to hurt him or not, but he CERTAINLY does the job on them. He stabs one in the throat with a spear and proceeds to strangle the other to death with his hands. Now this is entirely brutal in its own right, but it reminds us all of something, only one other man on the show has killed another living person with his hands… Rick. The two are forever tied together and now represent two sides of the same coin. See Rick also went to the super dark place but unlike Morgan, he was able to come back on his own. He may have come back a different darker version of Rick, but he came back. Morgan too eventually comes back, as we will discuss, but instead of being a darker, meaner version, he comes back a hippy… A filthy filthy hippy.

Anywho, this whole epispde is devoted to Morgan finding peace thanks to an oh-so convenient Forensic Psychologist named Eastman and his goat/lover, Tabitha. (Sidenote: Now, I have no proof the goat is his lover, but I also have no proof the goat is NOT his lover, so visa vi… I win,) Eastman also experienced a trauma in his life when he lost his family as well. This tragedy happened before the fall, but it still counts… I guess. Eastman had his family killed by deranged criminal looking to extract revenge for being denied parole. Caaaaause nothing says ‘I deserved parole!” like murdering a woman and two children! So Eastman uses his forensic psychology skills to heal the broken shell of a man Morgan has become. Slowly he introduces him to Aikido, the non-lethal defense system he used to beat his trauma, and the two begin to plan their romantic getaway together. I don’t know how Tabitha is gonna feel about this….

Unfortunately, it turns out Morgan is not fully uncrazy and when the walker version of the guy he strangled earlier in the show wanders into frame, he freezes. To save his new found love errrrrrrrr Morgan, Eastman throws himself in between Morgan and the walker and gets bit. Lets please for a few seconds pretend that Eastman, the guy we saw OWN several walkers and Morgan with his staff, had no choice but to step in between them… Why not just knock the walker over or smack its head with the staff? The answer, because he intentionally killed himself so that he wouldn’t have to inform Tabitha that he had found a new love. Unfortunately, while Morgan and Eastman were off battling past choices, a walker killed Tabitha. Our fearsome twosome, soon to be a filthy hippy onesome, stumbles upon this goat smorgasbord in a scene that is only slightly less appetizing than watching Mike “The Food Nerd” Quesada plow through twenty dollars worth of Taco Bell by himself. (Not zesty... trust me, I’ve seen it.) EASTMAN DIDN’T HAVE TO KILL HIMSELF BECAUSE HIS GOAT LOVER WAS ALREADY DEAD! Thankfully, Eastman dies quickly and joins Tabitha in the great beyond to start a goat/man family.

Anyways, the flashback ends with Morgan following the yellow brick road to Terminus and we all know where it goes form there…

Back in present day we realize hehas been telling his story to his captive, and possibly future love interest, a Wolf. Not like a real wolf, but like the “bathtub methheads” who attacked Alexandria last week. Sadly, the Wolf spurns Morgans advances and informs him that he will kill everyone in the settlement. Morgan, not ready to give up his possible lover, leaves him locked in a basement aaaaand SCENE.

Basically a filler episode here and not really worth the hour and half it was given. What we didn’t find out was how Glen inevitably survived (of course he survived, grow up) and what happened to Rick as the swarm approached his RV. Hopefully this will get quick resolution next week.

Well I hope you like my review of this little gem. I know I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to leave some comments and tell Bryan how much you LOVE my article. Alrighty, welp… see ya.
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