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Fallout 4 Funko...How Many Caps is it worth to you?

Pop! Games: Fallout 4

The highly anticipated Fallout 4 series is coming to Pop!
The game’s main character, Sole Survivor, and his loyal companion, Dogmeat,
take on the post-nuclear world 200 years after the Great War!
You may need to utilize the T-60 Power Armor
to take down the ghoulish John Hancock!

Coming in February!

Mystery Mini: Batman Arkham 

There’s been a security breach from Arkham Asylum!
Our Arkham Mystery Minis are on the loose and The Joker, Harley Quinn,
Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow are causing mayhem! 
Will Batman, Nightwing, and Robin be able to stop them?

Coming in January!

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