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Where Nerds Eat: Pismo Beach Part 2

Where Nerds Eat: Pismo Beach Part 2
by Mike Quezada

The next day after finishing the race ( We finished without them having to carry us off the course) and much needed nap, we woke up STARVING, so we checked on line for some really good food  and boy did we find it. In the next city over, in Grover Beach is newly opened restaurant called The Spoon Trade, and for just being open for only 2months this place is going in the right direction. It has all the comforts of a small town local restaurant, no reservations, quaint little place and quiet no frills or flashyness that you might find in a big city restaurant. But don't let those things fool you. This place could compete with some of those high end big city types and definetley give it a run for its money. This Food Nerd knows an amazing place when I eat at one and this place delivers.

Upon sitting you are immediatley greeted with house made popcorn and explenation of the menu. The beer list and wine list are ever changing are very local, they definetly pay respects. They try as much as they can to do everything in house or local, which is the "Norm" these days, however, you don't find such well balanced flavors in a little beach community restaurant. They do not skimp here, when they say AMERCIAN they mean it. We started with a couple of beers I had the on draft Allagash Dubbel and the wife the Hell or High Watermelon on draft. We ordered the house made bread, the Grilled Octopus and Baby Mixed Greens. You could tell that the ingredients were fresh and the a very experienced chef was in charge,  no one dish over powered the other and each on was a good sized portion. Like I said before the portions are big enough where we only needed to get an entree to split between the two of us. So we went for the classic Chicken and Waffle, a huge half a bird and a very light sourdough waffle, served with a spicy honey and a house made Kimchi. We were told by our amazing server that if we loved the menu , then we would love the dessert and boy did we ever. I got the Bread pudding with the toasted sesame seeds and she got the  Brown sugar Po De Creme.

Hands down one of the best meals these Nerds have had in awhile!!

Mike Q
the Food Nerd

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