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Review: American Horror Story Hotel Episodes 1-3

Review: American Horror Story Hotel Episodes 1-3
by Julie Perez

We are three episodes into the newest season of American Horror Story and if you’re still wondering whether you should start watching it, then you’ve come to the right place because I’m about to convince you to begin watching it!

First things first; lets talk about Lady Gaga, when it was originally announced that she would be taking part in the series I was ecstatic. Her personality, her originality it all fit into the show perfectly. As Countess Elizabeth, not only does she bring the sex appeal but she also brings the mystery, the scary and the powerful. Yet with all of that she still finds a way to showcase a vulnerable side to Countess Elizabeth that might otherwise be missed. The more we learn about Countess Elizabeth’s past, the more I find myself intrigued by her.

Honestly though, I originally came here for Matt Bomer. I mean lets forget for a second about the handsome face and those eyes that could look straight into my soul; the only thing I had seen him in previously was the very serious and heart-wrenching movie, The Normal Heart. So it was a nice surprise to see him play such a diverse character on American Horror Story. Like Lady Gaga, Bomer brings a sensuality and mysterious side to his character while still showing us a vulnerable side to him.

A Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is the backdrop of the series, and if a hotel in Downtown Los Angeles wasn’t scary enough; the Hotel is the home to some interesting characters. Some of them dead, some of them obsessed with the dead, some of them feeding off of the dead; you really get a little bit of everything in this show. I will be completely honest and admit that I am an adult child and have trouble with the scary, so I do have to watch the show in the morning with the lights turned on (I can sense you judging me from here).

The show is definitely scary and a bit more gruesome than I had anticipated; it also has a tendency to make the viewer a bit uncomfortable while watching. All I have to say is: vampire children and that’s enough to make you think twice about watching it. Three episodes down and I have had to pause all three in the middle so I could collect myself because the blood got to be a bit too much. With that being said, I keep coming back each week because the show is truly addicting. The brilliance of the show is that it tests your comfort levels each episode.

We are on episode three and so far I am loving the show, every scene adds to the story, you can already see the character development, each time a new character is presented it becomes a new opportunity for a different storyline. The show has brought the sexy, the scary and the confusing and has created a world that you almost want to be a part of … does that make me weird?

One thing I will say, Ryan Murphy tends to enjoy living on that fine line between including a gruesome sex scene to add to the storyline and including a gruesome sex scene for shock value. It’s a line that can easily become blurred (like it did on episode 1) and too many of those can make for the downfall of a TV show.

All in all, I am absolutely obsessed with the show. If you aren’t watching it yet, I genuinely question your sanity. This show is the one to watch this Fall Season. I am excited for episode 4 and I am intrigued to see where Ryan Murphy takes this twisted world.
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