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Hollywood is Creatively Bankrupt, Support Some Real Creators!

Hollywood is Creatively Bankrupt 
Support Some Real Creators!

It was announced this week that a Tetris movie was in the works. This should make everyone question the sanity and intelligence of the decision makers in Hollywood. Of course movies based on every nostalgic childhood experience look like a gold mine to the studios so this is to be expected. But expected or not it is a sad state of the entertainment industry when a studio will spend millions on stupid ideas like the Tetris movie instead of getting behind the many talented independent filmmakers out there. Since the studios turn a blind eye to these film makers, they are forced to fund their own projects through one of the crowdfunding sites or through their own hard work and day job. 

One such group of filmmakers is experiencing this even as we speak. The production team behind the award winning horror film Truth or Dare (Check out our review of this film here), Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins, are actively trying to raise the money for their next set of films. It is a very ambitious project but it sounds like something every film fan should get behind. They are making what can only be described as an American Cross Country Horror Trilogy, 2 brand new films and one documentary chronicling their journey. This is a major undertaking and if you are tired of the crap Hollywood is putting out, it is time to put your money where your mouth is!

Here is what Jessica Cameron has to say about her project:

So please go to their campaign site and support this group of film makers. It is about time that we as a critical audience use our money to tell Hollywood that we prefer original ideas over things like Tetris: the Movie!

Jessica Cameron's Triple Film Feature IndiGoGo Site

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