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Scaredy Nerds Lesson 21 - Children are Terrifying

Scaredy Nerds Lesson 21 
Children are Terrifying 

I have kids, If I haven't mentioned that yet I felt I should put that out there. That being said kids can easily scare the crap out of me easier than any monster ever created by Hollywood. Don't believe me. Then explain why little children are so often the ghost or demon or monster in films that is set on killing everything? You want to know the answer, KIDS ARE SCARY! Any parent can tell you that and as if taking my word wasn't enough proof our film this week will convince you. This week we are watching the 1960 film Village of the Damned, and it will scare any desire to ever see another child ever again out of your mind. Of course before that we need a little face time with 'Les yeux sans visage' or in English 'Eyes Without a Face'

Les yeux sans visage
Our film from the last lesson was an interesting one. On one hand this movie was slow, very slow, of course on the other hand, that pacing created some pretty gruesome scenes. Specifically the first face removal procedure. we get to see lots of the doctor in action and it is stomach turning. This film showed just what lengths a man with a god complex would go to for his child. Maybe just as disturbing as the man's willingness to destroy these other women for the sake of his daughter was his complete belief in how just he was to do it. As if he would be heralded as a great man once he accomplished this task it wasn't his distorted view of the world that caused him grief but rather the short sightedness of those around him that did. The other completely off putting thing about this film was the daughter in her mask. It was too close to looking like her face that it would leave me feeling uneasy while looking at her. Of course any tension the movie did create was kind of washed away by the theme music of the Doctor's side kick. That music was ridiculous!

This Week's Homework
Time to watch another one of Horror's iconic films, Village of the Damned! Freaky kids with freaky powers doing what ever they want. This film may put you off of having kids for a while if you don't already have them. If you do have them, watch your back!

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