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Scaredy Nerds Lesson 20 - More Than a Pretty Face

Scaredy Nerds Lesson 20 
More Than a Pretty Face

Take a good long look at your face, pretty nice isn't it. Our movie this week features a character who doesn't have the little luxury in life of having a face. This week we are watching 'Eyes Without a Face' or more accurately 'Les yeux sans visage'. It is a French film that was dark and very influential to the broader world of horror. A film that is potentially responsible for the terrifying visage of Michael Myers. So for now we put on hold our terror from the stars to enjoy this terror from France. Of course first we need to recap last weeks film, th Blob!

The Blob
What did you think of the 1958 tale of oozing horror? Was the idea of a giant jello mold from space scary? Will you ever eat jello again? Once again we are treated to another film that tapped into the fears of the time with the thought of space and creatures from beyond filling the imaginations and fears of people the world around. This film has also been viewed as being an allegory for the slow creeping danger that communism presented to the world, but this theory was debunked by Rudy Nelson, one of the original script writers. Whatever you think the film was about you have to admit it was fun. Plus getting to see a young Steve McQueen is never a bad thing.

This Week's Homework
This week we get to partake in a remarkable french horror film, 'Les yeux sans visage' or in English 'Eyes Without a Face'. A very influential film that was weighed down in controversy before it was even released. It is an important film and that is why we are spending time this week watching it.

The film is available to watch for free on Hulu here:
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