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Happy Fifth Element Friday!

Happy Fifth Element Friday!
Welcome to the Best New Internet Tradition, Ever!

Like the ever so rare Friday the 13th, today we start the celebration of a day that has been overlooked for too long, Fifth Element Fridays! The Fifth Element is a very unique film. Call it what you will a modern cult classic, a guilty pleasure, or just a fun sci fi film, it is undeniably one of the most recognizable films in the last 20 years. So to honor this film I propose that any time the 5th falls on a Friday we celebrate by having 
'Fifth Element Friday'!

So how does one celebrate this amazing brand new America Holiday? 

Simple, just follow these steps:

1. Facebook posts with your favorite scenes from the film

2. Twitter Quote Battles: First call out someone then you have to go back and forth throwing out quotes. The Loser must film a reenactment of themselves as Ruby Rhod running screaming through the halls and share it with the world, #5thElementFriday.

3. Cosplay: Show us your Fifth Element Pride!

4. The Grand Finale - Fifth Element Viewing party and Drinking Game: Get all your friends together and watch the honored film while playing a drinking game.

Here are two rule sets, but feel free to make up your own:

Method 1: Drink any time you hear one of these words
If you do it right you will have had just under 100 drinks

Method 2: 
1) Drink whenever you see a new, ridiculous Jean-Paul Gaulthier costume
2) Drink every time someone says the word “perfect”
3) Drink for stammering/stuttering/general nervousness
Zorg (Gary Oldman) laughs, then weeps, then meekly cries, “They’re not here!”

Of course no drinking game would be complete without a signature drink for the evening. Here are my two recomendations for your night of celebration:

The Fifth Element
Ingredients you need
3 oz. Pineapple Juice
3 oz. Sprite
1 oz. Bacardi 151 Rum
1 oz. Southern Comfort
1 oz. Everclear
How to make a The 5th Element

Chill mug, add ice, pour Sprite and juice into mug. Then add rum and Southern Comfort. Finally add the 5th element: Everclear!

The Big Bada Boom
Courtesy of AlcoHollywood

Air: 1 part Skyy vodka
Earth: 2 parts beet juice
Water: 1 part clam juice
Fire: Taco Bell Fire sauce (can substitute with Tabasco)
Love: Kiss the drink by drinking it.

Combine and add ice; garnish with cilantro. Salt the rim.

Now you know how to properly celebrate today and any other time the 5th falls on a Friday. So go out there and show your Fifth Element Pride! Don't forget that hashtag, #5thElementFriday!
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