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Truth or Dare the Movie - Our Honest Review, We Dare you to Read!

Truth of Dare the Movie
Our Honest Review, We Dare you to Read!

Shocking. Twisted. Gut-wrenching. How do you describe a film that promises all of those things but still manages to horrifically shock you with its twisted, gut-wrenching ways?

Truth or Dare is a film that takes a well-established idea: “Psycho holds people hostage and forces them to do bad things” and makes it relevant for the Facebook generation in a disturbingly twisted way. We all know, with the integration of technology in our lives, anyone can become a Youtube sensation. However, putting yourself on the web for all to see is not without dangers, and this film takes that premise to the extreme.

The film centers on a group of friends who are Youtube stars due to their fictitious violent games of truth or dare and Russian roulette. The Truth and Dare Devils, as they call themselves, seem like any other group of young friends you would find anywhere, until their number 1 fan gets a hold of them. From the moment he enters the scene, this group of friends are no longer pretending to play the game. He takes The Truth or Dare Devils through a series of truth or dare challenges, each truth more twisted than the last and each dare more gruesome.

The success of this movie comes from three places: the cast, the writing, and the directing. The cast does an amazing job with what are some seriously messed up situations. Ryan Kiser does an amazing job as the psycho super fan that shows just how dangerous obsession can be. While I did love the guys in this film, it was the ladies who stole the show. Devanny Pinn, Heather Dorf, and Jessica Cameron were such sympathetic characters that their pain was truly the hardest to watch.

The film is co-written by Jonathan Higgins and Jessica Cameron, and the way they own, understand, and craft the characters is epic. They have a clear picture of the story they are telling and don’t waste any time with gratuitous horror clich├ęs. As if co-writing and starring in this film was not enough, Ms. Cameron also took the reins as the director. To say she did well for her first time directing is an understatement; it was better than what I’ve seen from most “seasoned” directors. Ms. Cameron walked a fine line of showing the gore versus letting your imagination fill in the details. This is an often ignored skill - especially in horror films. The balance she achieved allowed you to visually witness the violence while forcing you to imagine it, which results in the film leaving its mark in multiple ways.

Truth or Dare is a masterfully crafted film that makes it so you want to avert your eyes while at the same time you can’t tear them away. If you are a horror fan, you need to do everything in your power to see this film. If you are not a horror fan, this is a film that should be seen to appreciate how masterfully it was made. But, either way, make no mistake, this film will mess you up! Enjoy!


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