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Scaredy Nerds Week 9 - This Isn't Your Average Cat Video!

Scaredy Nerds Week 9 
This Isn't Your Average Cat Video!

Another week has passed us by and another classic horror film has been experienced. If last week's Invisible Man didn't do it for you then just wait until you see the power house of a film lined up this week. This weeks film offers a double dose of expert talent with the first official team up of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, and the film in question is none other than 1934's The Black Cat. It is a film the has left its mark all over cinema and will leave its mark on you as well, but first we must shed some light on The Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man
Did you watch The Invisible Man? Quite a confounding film isn't it. This film is based on the original story by H.G. Wells and even he gave it mixed reviews. For the audience of the time, the idea of an invisible man terrorizing a town was indeed terrifying. The quality of the special effects used in this film helped significantly accomplish this. Often the effects teams don't get enough credit, but this is a film that would not have worked at all if not for the excellent effects. For modern audiences though, the effects of the film are not enough to overcome some of the very campy performances. As campy as those performances are it makes the film enjoyable in a way that was not intended by the original director. Don't believe me? Then you clearly didn't watch it! Do yourself a favor and go back and watch this film, saying it was highly entertaining is an understatement.

This Weeks Homework
The Black Cat is this week's film and we are all in for a special treat. This film stars horror super stars Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in their first of seven films that they worked on together. Not only that, but the story is based on the original work by Edgar Allen Poe! This is a film that routinely makes film critics top 100 horror films list's. There is one scene in particular that is known for sticking with audience members long after viewing. So enjoy this weeks movie, 1934's The Black Cat!

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