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Scaredy Nerds Week 6 - I Love You For Your Braaaaaaaaains!

Scaredy Nerds Week 6 
I Love You For Your Braaaaaaaaains!

Thats right folks we are now starting Zombies! Zombies are a staple in horror films and they have been around for decades. Of course zombies don't just show up on film, we get them in TV, Comics, Music videos, Theatre, Literature, and of course history. Did I just say history? You bet your brains I just did, but you will need to stick around to find out why. First we need to dive into the circus side show that was last weeks film, Freaks!

The 1932 cult classic Freaks, for such a well known horror movie it really isn't that scary. I am sure that is what many of you thought, and you are correct. For the most part this movie plays off like some sort of strange Rom-Com, that is until the last 25 minutes. Starting with the wedding party this movie starts to get creepy and it does so quickly. 

As disturbing as audiences of the day found this scene, which was reflected in the reaction of Cleopatra, it had nothing on what comes later. The scene that Freaks is notoriously remembered for is the climax when the Freaks turn the tables on Hercules and Cleopatra. The scene of the "Freaks" crawling through the mud is still considered to be one of the most visually terrifying scenes ever recorded to film. What do you think? Do you agree with that? Over all Freaks is a movie that very clearly sets out with a moral to the story, if you can call it that. The moral being, Be careful who you screw with, because they may jack you up!

Here is a short clip on how Freaks was originally supposed to end. This is also worth watching!

This Weeks Homework:

 It is Zombie time ladies and gentlemen, so keep your hard hats on. But just a point of clarification, these zombies are Haitian voodoo zombies, not the George Romero zombies. As we see more and more zombies come up we will spend some time on the differences. For now though, enjoy the 1932 zombie film, White Zombie.

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