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Our Future Nerddom - Support our Fellow Nerds!

The Future of Our Nerddom 
Support our Fellow Nerds!

Nerds are busy productive people, so much so that it is hard to keep up with everything there is going on. So at this point I think would be a good idea to update everyone on some of the projects being produced by our fellow nerds. I am calling this post The Future of our Nerddom! Hopefully I will do this every quarter just to remind everyone of things they need to be on the look out for.

Truth or Dare
This film is currently making the rounds of all the film festivals and is getting rave reviews. It has resulted in our favorite Scream Queen Jessica Cameron winning a best director award along with tons of other awards. If you have a chance make sure and check out this modern horror flick!

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Speaking of Jessica Cameron and horror, keep an ear out for her latest project, Utero. They are still filming this one, but the teaser poster has already caused me to loose some sleep. This is one we be covering on Scaredy Nerds as soon as it is released! For more info on this thing check out the press release we posted a few weeks back

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Holding the Man with Adam J. Yeend
If you remember that awesome short film that we raved about called Skypemare then you will remember one of the actors Adam J. Yeend. Adam is currently working on a US adaptation of an AUstralian play called Holding the Man. The show just reached its funding goal and is well under way. We will let you know as soon as we hear more, but the reviews of the Australian show were great!

"Holding the Man did something, it affected me in a way I wasn’t expecting. One minute it would make me laugh and then the next bring me to tears."

So be on the look out for more information about the Los Angeles debut of this amazing show! If you want to hear Adam's amazing Australian accent then make sure to go back and check out our show when he and the rest of the Skypmare crew were guests on our show!

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Legend of the Red Reaper with Tara Cardinal
This year saw the premier of an ambitious independent Fantasy adventure film called The Legend of the Red Reaper. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet then keep an eye out for it. Tara and her team are actively promoting it at every convention that they can get to plus live online screenings. The online screenings are a cool way to preview the film and are usually followed by live Q and A. I will be doing a write up on this film a little later so I won't spoil anything here, but it is worth your time to check it out.


Bel on the Air with Queen Mab
Here at Good Nerd Bad Nerd, we like to support our fellow podcaster's and our friends over at Bel on the Air are putting out some great conversations weekly. The hosts Brian Carol and Stephanie Tait aka Queen Mab, are bringing you great guests with stimulating discussions. If you aren't currently listening then you need to make sure and add them to you podcast listening schedule. They have new episodes every Thursday and shouldn't be missed! There shows can be found Here! And make sure to go back and listen to their earlier episodes. I hear the guest for episode 3 was extremely witty and good looking.


Fritz's Funporium
So far this year we have had the privilege of supporting 2 amazing kickstarter projects. The first was Fritz's Funporium. A new web driven series that centers around unruly inappropriate puppets. To top it off the cast is filled with the awesome talents of folks like Tara Strong and Rizwan Manji. If you haven't heard anything about this project yet, check out our interview with the creator and then keep an eye out for the pilot to drop in May!

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The Cape Creator: A Tribute to Bat-Maker Bill Finger
The second kickstarter we supported this year is about the greatest detective in the world and the true creator of him. Of course we are talking about Batman, but more importantly Bill Finger. This documentary is aimed at giving Bill Finger the credit he deserves for his role in really making Batman the important character he is today. With out Bill Finger's work the Dark Knight would not never have existed. The Documentary reached its funding goal and is in the process of filming interviews and gathering materials. Be on the look out for more information especially when it will premier and possible convention showings! For more on info, check out our interview with one of the men behind this great project Dr. Travis Langley.

POP! Funko
Last but certainly not least on our list is POP! Funko. This company is putting out the coolest character collectibles anywhere. They are always releasing new figures and are covering upcoming releases with past favorites. No nerds room is complete with out some Funko in it. Trust us on this one! Check out some of the recent announcements, and then go ahead and order them all!

How To Train Your Dragon 2
Tean Titans
Amazing Spider-Man 2
Mr. Peabody and Sherman/Rocky and Bullwinkle

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