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I, Frankenstein

The Good Nerd

Not This Super Hero Frankenstein, Idiot!
This weekend brings us the release of the new Aaron Eckhart film I, Frankenstein. In Hollywood’s latest big screen graphic novel adaptation we get Super Hero Frankenstein (or as he gets named in the movie Adam) battling Demons in a city that looks like but isn’t necessarily Paris.

The movie starts off fast, wasting very little time on “recapping” the original Frankenstein story to the audience. Lets face it, if you don’t know what the story of Frankenstein is then should be picking up a book instead of going to the movies. While on the surface the story seems to be about demons and gargoyles having centuries long war on Earth and Frankenstein is now the game changer to this war, that isn’t what this story is about. That would make for a very cool story, but is really only the backdrop to what the main questions of the film really are; what is a soul and how does a “creature” obtain one. Sadly they never answer this question in a satisfactory way by the end of the movie and just kind of gloss over what happens.

Since the backdrop of this film is a centuries long war you can bet your ass there are lots of fights. The fights from the very start are great and intense and showcase some of the cool visual effects that they use in this movie. Sadly though the fights are also where some of their most pathetic looking CG effects also take place. The movie just felt like they ran out of steam in the last battle sequence and any shots that had the Gargoyles in them just looked like nice Video Game cut scenes. A sad reality considering how epic the first few fights felt.

My second big complaint is this; everyone in this world is an idiot except Adam. The Gargoyles have to be the worst protectors of Humanity ever; the Demons have no strategic ability or the ability to count for that matter, and the humans are probably the most na├»ve individuals to ever appear on film. It is frustrating to the point that it is funny, but that isn’t what you want from a big budget film.

All that being said, the real question is did I enjoy the film? The fact of the matter is I actually really did. For all of its faults the movie is still a decent little action flick. A movie that actual manages not to do the obvious things a good portion of the time, even when it is hurting my brain at other times. It isn’t a great movie, but it is a fun movie so I say check it out this weekend and enjoy.

Good Nerd: Thumbs Up

The Bad Nerd

We swear there aren't Werewolves!
I’m not saying it’s Underworld. But Underworld. Now, to be entirely fair, it’s not Underworld. There are no vampires or werewolves running amok in a secret war where the fate of humanity lies in the balance. Instead there is a secret war between gargoyles (an order of angels) and demons, where the fate of humanity lies in the balance. There’s nothing new in Hollywood. But you know that and you know that going in to a movie like this. That being said, let’s talk about the movie on its own terms.

There are plenty of moments that will make you smirk, as the screenwriter throws nods left and right in the opening to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. And this movie does have some heart. Aaron Eckhart, that is. See what I did there? Honestly, he puts in an emotional performance for a lackluster script. Bill Nighy is one of the best villains I have seen in a film like this. He brings the kind of confidence you should expect from a demon prince. He enjoys being prince and he doesn’t have tell anyone who is or boss them around from a position of weakness. You could learn a thing or two “king” Joffrey. In fact, it’s their combined performances that should sell the price of admission. There is a sense of fun and “understood-ness” that they bring.

There are plenty of reasons not to see this movie too, lest my reviewing cred go down the drain. The stereotypical tropes are everywhere for a movie in this genre. The dark hero is misunderstood and ostracized by all. He just wants to be left alone, but they keep dragging him in to the fight. He falls for a pretty face… “t’was beauty that killed the beast..”.  And the CG gets rather askance towards the end, which leads one to think that they were running out of time and budget.

All-in-all, here’s to the inevitable sequel! May you be all that you were the first time around and more. More demon explosions, more symbols, more  crazy weapons, more douchebag assistants who rank really high in the…ranks, and more Aaron Eckhart!

Bad Nerd: Thumbs Up
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