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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 35 - You Can't Crate This

Episode 35
You Can't Crate This

This may not be an accurate image of Zack and Peter

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we have a battle of wits and find out just who the nerdiest one in the room actually is. Special guests this week are WEB-lebrities Peter and Zach from ZAP productions and are responsible for some of the awesome videos coming from Loot Crate. Zach is also apart of Wayside Creations, the group responsible for Fallout: Nuka Break. So join us this week for our little nerdy round table.

(p.s. here is the Kickstarted for the upcoming Legend of Grimrock series! Get Involved!)

The News From Around the Nerd

Good News

Black Sails

Star Wars Episode 7 Script is DONE!

Kevin Smith's Batman vs. Superman Conspiracy

Gal Gadot signed for 3 goes at Wonder Woman

Allegedly Guardians trailer during Superbowl

Pixar is making a Star Wars Film

The Bad News

Stan Lee not in Guardians of the Galaxy

Batfleck threatened to walk from Batman vs. Superman?

Ready to loose more faith in the upcoming TMNT's?

Shia LeBeouf...there are no words, but we have some anyways

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