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The Wolverine Review - Nerd Spot

Nerd Spot: The Wolverine
DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Download Release 

The Good Nerd

Wolverine, I would like you to meet the world. World, this is the Wolverine! Finally he has come to the big screen in all his raging glory. Yes I understand that there was a character named Wolverine in 4 other X-men related movies, 5 if you count ‘First Class’, but this was the first time the real Wolverine showed up. If you missed The Wolverine when it was in the theaters this summer then you can finally see what the big deal is.

The Wolverine picks up a few years after the events of X-Men: Last Stand and the effects of what Logan went through have severely affected him. He is now a wanderer, a man who his lost his way in life and wrestling over whether or not he even wants to live. The movie takes us on his journey of healing. He starts as a man suffering from severe depression but he ends up a man renewed who will never forget what has happened, but will not be controlled by those events either.

Hugh Jackman took the character to an amazing place this time. Not only did Hugh get completely ripped physically, but also emotionally the depth he brings to Logan this time is palpable. We are not just being told that Logan is sad and we should believe it, Jackman sells it in a very real and visceral way that the X-men films just never seemed to have. While Jackman was outstanding, it was the rest of the cast that really gave him something to work well with. Tao Okamoto as Mariko and Rila Fukushima as Yukio were especially outstanding. Their characters were so vital to Logan’s healing that if the actresses playing them were not up to the task the movie would not have succeeded in the same way.

What about the Action, I mean this is a Wolverine movie right? The action was outstanding. The fights were beautifully choreographed in their brutality. Even the contrast of Logan’s fighting style versus the elegant way that the samurai and ninja fought in the movie was amazing. If I had to give one reason for why the action was so enjoyable in this movie compared to previous ones it would be this; Wolverine vs. Ninja’s! What more do you need, I was sold just on that idea alone and it was executed far beyond my expectations.

If you haven’t seen this then you are in luck, it is out now as a digital download through iTunes or you can pick up the Blu-Ray on December 3rd. This is a must add movie to any library for action fans, comic book fans, and Hugh Jackman fans. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed this movie, it will definitely be in more repeat viewing list.

Bad Nerd

Redemption begins from within. The Wolverine redeems not only Logan from his sins, but the franchise from its, as well.

The events featured in X-Men: The Last Stand left Logan questioning everything about himself. After the Phoenix left him no choice but to kill Jean Grey, Logan secludes himself away into the wilderness. But he learns that there’s no wilderness deep enough to hide from his demons. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Logan must make peace with himself in order to move forward, to return home, to embrace the Wolverine within. It’s an honest journey through the horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder common to many soldiers.

That journey is masterfully laid out by the director, James Mangold. The extended cut brings you all that heartache with more brutal action, which is only one of several reasons to opt for it over the theatrical release. First, it’s a longer version of the theatrical release. Second, it includes behind-the-scenes footage of the film. Finally, they give more background on the comic and Japan story lines that informed the film.

If you’re looking for the best X-Men movie made to-date, look no further. There’s tons of great action, ninja battles, and one of Wolverine’s classic nemeses, The Silver Samurai. And just in time for Christmas.
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