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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 27 Show Notes

The Future's so Bright, I Have to Wear a Gas Mask
Episode 27 - Show Notes

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we give thanks for the epic weekend of nerddom that we were blessed with. The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode came hurtling at everyone at the same time and we will give you our take on that epic event. Then we discuss the rise of dystopian stories and the fall of utopian stories in current culture and why that is. All of that, plus the News from Around the Nerd.

News From Around the Nerd

The Good News

What is better than Pirates? Not much really, but lets not turn this into a pirates vs ninja's debate. Coming to the Starz network this January we get Black Sails, a prequel of sorts to the original pirate story 'Treasure Island'. Black Sails takes place 20 years before the events in the original Treasure Island and gives us the origin of Long John Silver. This promisees to be an epic show and should not be missed!

We here at Good Nerd Bad Nerd love us some comics. We especially love characters that have depth and realism. That is why we could not be more excited for the relaunch of Moon Knight. Moon Knight is a street level scrapper with a thing for moon shaped equipment; think Batman but with crescent moons. He is a great character and deserves support from Marvel and us the fans. We are also excited that it is being helmed by Warren Ellis. Ellis has some great work to his name and is the right man for the job. We are expecting big things and can't wait for this to hit the stands.

We are big fans of whatever makes it easier for us to see our shows, and comcast seems to be trying to make that even easier. With the release of a new feature/service called See It, we will be seeing a whole new way for people to engage in viewing their shows. It is still way to early to tell if this will succeed or find its audience, but we are always willing to give a new system a try.

The Bad News

If you have been hiding under a rock for the last year, you may have missed that there was some controversy in regards to the treatment of the VFX community. In another planned protest, members of the Dreamworks VFX community will be protesting the visit of President Obama during a fundraising trip this week. Whatever you political allegiance, the VFX community is the backbone of Hollywood and deserves your support.

In more tragic news hitting the film makers this year, Pixar studios has had to lay off 5% of its staff. Due to change in directors for the latest production, the Good Dinosaur, Pixar has been put in a tough spot. 2014 will be the first time since 1995 that Pixar won't have a movie in the Oscar run. The worst part of all of this though is the timing. Lay offs are never a good thing, and they especially suck during the Holidays. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that are going through the layoffs during this season and we hope they are able to find work again soon.

Spiderman: Turn off the Dark is closing, that isn't the punch line to a joke, but the final end to a very twisted tale of ego's out of control. The show which will be closing at the end of the Year will close with out making a cent. In fact, the show is $60 million in the hole and since they are operating at a weekly loss, they have decided to close and go quietly into the dark, HA. The show will eventually open again in Vegas, but hopefully they will clean it up and make it safe for all; actors, investors, and the audience (those songs were awful).

Nerd Spot: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

This weekend we finally got to see the long awaited Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode. It was epic in scale, intimate in its touch, and everything we were promised. In a touching tribute to one of TV's longest running and most loved series Doctor Who gave us a show we could all love.

Utopia/Dystopia - Its all the same to me

If you have been paying attention to literature, movies, TV shows, and pop culture in general lately you will have noticed a distinct fascination with Dystopian stories. They are the go to setting for many of the current blockbuster movies and novels, just like the big opening movie this week The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. But what is the reason for this and why are Utopian stories so out of interest at the moment. We tackle this question and give you our take on why dystopian stories are so compelling and what they have to offer us.
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