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Our SPOILER FREE review of Thor 2: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World
A Spoiler Free take on the latest Marvel blockbuster

The Good Nerd

Clap it up everyone; clap it up! Marvel has given us the Thor movie we all wanted, and didn’t hold back. First of all, there is nothing quite like seeing a movie like this in a room full of fans that want to be there. The audience was comprised of bloggers and podcasters like the Geek Speak Crew and us. Plus Thor super fans like Toni Darling, who came in her full Thor costume. Everyone in there was excited for this movie and we were not let down.

From the very start of the movie the excitement and energy was bigger than the first movie. The fights are intense and feel like much more is at stake in each battle. We also got to see the awesome power of Asgard put to the test in a way that I was not expecting. Thor 2 never pulled its punches and never wasted its screen time on characters that were not a part of the story. The director Alan Taylor did an amazing job and brought us the Thor movie we have been waiting for. With the right balance of action, humor and drama this movie is sure to please everyone. And guys if you are trying to get your ladies to come see this movie, then I have it on good authority that Chris Hemsworth’s abs are a site to behold and should not be missed. You could even say they are godly.

Thanks to Skype for putting on such a great event and to Marvel for giving the fans what they have been screaming for; go see this movie you will not be disappointed.

Good Nerd: Thumbs Up

The Bad Nerd

We named a day of the week after him, for crying out loud! The least we could do was give him a decent movie. And Marvel has managed to do just that, a decent movie. In my spoilerless review of the new Thor movie, I hope to convey that I really did enjoy watching this latest endeavor by Marvel to take your money. It was an upbeat, fast-paced film with several nods to the franchise-at-large that made the fan girls in front of me squeal with delight. And by Odin, I restrained the urges (I told you there are several nods) I had to kick the back of their chairs.

There’s plenty of cheeky humor that comes off nicely and the action is fun. This is the Thor movie we deserved the first time around. The women in this film are less damsels in distress and more damsels giving distress, especially Frigga, Queen of Asgard. You’ll see. As for the locations, Asgard is beautiful and epically scaled. London is a much better choice than New Mexico both aesthetically and cinematically. And while the special effects were mostly what we’ve come to expect there are a couple moments that were jarring and seemed out of place. I so badly want to tell you exactly which moments, but we’re spoiler-free today.

This Thor sequel will take you on a journey through the heart of the Thor mythos that Marvel has so genuinely invested in over the years. You will be glad you went.

Bad Nerd: Thumbs Up
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