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Mid Week Shenanigans - November 6, 2013

Mid Week Shenanigans
November 6, 2013

It is that time again! The time of the week when you sit back and look at all the amazing nonsense that we have scoured the web looking for. We have an amazing line up of tom foolery this week so let's get right to it!
I can't believe I forgot to post this and I appologize. This week we got another Archer ad for the upcoming season and it is awesome. This is an ISIS training video with Pam, need I say more?

Comikaze was this past weekend and it was a blast. Who better to convince you of this than that skull faced lord of terror, Skeletor. From the guys who brought us all those Deadpool dancing videos comes: 

Skeletor Conquers Comikaze 2013!

Ok you have had your fun, but are you ready for the god of mischief to torture you mind and break your will? Well since we don't have him doing all that stuff, how about Loki getting all cute with a bunch of kids. Here comes the epic debate between Loki and a bunch of kids:

Loki vs. Kids

This next one is for all the cartoon fans out there. Cartoons are a way of life for some people, us included. The voice actors behind those characters are the ones who bring them to life and make them real. Try and imagine Batman right now, bet you heard him in Kevin Conroys voice. The same is true for all of the greatest cartoon characters around. The voice actors are Hollywood's unsung heroes and they are finally getting the attention they deserve. Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary

I Know That Voice

Speaking of cartoons, Marvel and Lego just recently released their new Lego Game Marvel Super Heroes. The game promises to be the same quality game play and story telling that Lego has been providing for years. To celebrate Marvel and Lego put out 5 short videos utilizing their amazing voice actors from their current TV shows. Check them out and enjoy.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload

Episode 1

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