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Nerd Spot - Teen Wolf Fan Event

Teen Wolf Fan Event
Bad Nerd

This past Saturday night 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, MGM, and MTV hosted a private fan event for a couple hundred lucky Teen Wolf fans. Compared to conventions, it was an intimate affair where fans got to hear from the show’s cast and creator. The evening started out with an exclusive clip from the second half of season 3, which will return January 6, 2014. As you can imagine, there were several squeals.

The panel featured select cast members, including Haley Webb, Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, Max and Charlie Carver, and the lovely Holland Roden. The last two were surprise guest panelists, and again there were squeals. Joining them was show creator Jeff Davis. Throughout the panel, Jeff handled most of the spoilers for the Part 2. But the cast handled the charisma. They spoke about their favorite episodes, story arcs, and the fun they have working together on the show.

Jeff brought the most surprises to the fans as he promised that part 2 will be a psychological investigation into the minds of the shows major characters. There were a few spoilers, but mostly the show’s upcoming Part 2 was kept under wraps by the cast. That may be due in part to how well the secrets are kept from them, or how much they keep themselves from the secrets. In fact, Holland pointed out that she found out last season that she was a banshee through social media.

Several fans had been pre-selected for a special VIP Reception where they were treated to one-on-one time with their favorite cast members. You will not find more gracious and hospitable people than these. Max and Charlie were delightful, spending their time together acting like brothers. It was evident that they enjoy not only acting but their fans, as well. Holland was a joy with her winning smile and gentle interactions with fans from 12 to 50. She gave us some of her time, and talked about her love of acting and the place she feels the most relaxed, the slopes of Colorado.

Jeff was on hand to give us the biggest behind the scenes look at the shows development process. And if you haven’t picked up this show, you have to my fellow Nerds. The show is an update of the Michael J. Fox classic film, but with a fresh take that borrows more from comics than the typical teen melodrama. According to Jeff, he was opposed to going in that direction anyway. He sees Scott McCall’s (Teen Wolf) journey as one very similar to Peter Parker’s. He also noted his love for shows like Buffy, which held the balance between the high drama and the comedic. And suddenly, the connection makes perfect sense. That’s why I love this show. In fact, there’s lots of humor piercing through the horror of the supernatural elements, which maintains the feel of the original film.

It’s quite a remarkable piece of work and something for all Nerds. If you like shows like Supernatural or True Blood, you’ll find something to love. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and Season 3 Part 1 is due out on DVD December 10th. So, get your pack together and watch this show, or it just might bite your Nerd cred in the ass.


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