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Nerd Rage - DirecTV is robbing you

DirecTV - Stealing Your Money, one Channel at a Time
Nerd Rage with the Bad Nerd


Can we talk turkey? And no, this isnt another bloated, Thanksgiving preaching session about thankfulness and the holiday spirit. In fact, Im outraged. Because while the times they are a changing, some cable and satellite companies are partying in your pockets like its 1999. And thats a party whose invitation Im glad got lost in the mail.

Heres the stink. Apparently, DirecTV has increased their price for service by another 6.2% from last year. This amounts to $102.37 revenue per subscriber. Its also worth noting that this is the first time the company has broken the triple digit average cost per subscriber. In their defense, DirecTV said the increase was mostly due to higher advanced receiver service fees, price hikes for programming packages, higher fees for a new enhanced-warranty program, as well as higher pay-per-view revenues.

2 year contract?
Your soul is ours now chump
Now, some people might say that this is normal. Inflation happens. I get it. However, they arent done raising prices. In February 2014, they will raise their prices once more. On average, that means over 20 million people are paying at least $1,200 a year for entertainment through their old boob tubes, and thats ridiculous.

We are on the verge of a media revolution. Over-the-top (OTT) services, like Netflix, Hulu, and other online content providers are the future of TV entertainment. The DVR ushered in the first wave of the revolution with the ability to fast forward past commercials and watch episodes on your schedule instead of when they aired. But they were limited to the number of shows that could be recorded and/or played back simultaneously, which meant you were forced to make choices and miss out on a show you might have watched otherwise. But OTT services meant that frustration was over. They just needed time to settle into the market place as a viable option.

Currently, Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions are higher than ever. And these services are a paltry $8/a piece. Anyone with an AppleTV, Roku device (or any video game platform for that matter) can play either one on their televisions in HD. Not to mention SmartTVs have apps built-in, as well. And on top of that, HBOGo is also available through them (although admittedly only with a cable subscription, but they are looking at going a la carte soon). And then theres the internet for $30/month respectively, which gives you access to all of the cable and network channels websites where you can watch any show they distribute. So, given that, you could be paying north of $46/month for your TV entertainment. Thats still, at the very least, half of what youd pay.

And to add more fuel to the revolutionary fire, Charter just announced that they are launching an app for streaming 100-plus live channels a la carte, which means you dont have to be a subscriber. Theres no word on the cost of this new service, but it is being modeled on the Netflix setup. In addition to live TV, the app lets subscribers browse on-demand titles and TV listings, schedule their DVRs or use a mobile device as a remote control for their set-top.

Your Contract lets us stalk you more than the NSA does.
So, why do people still have cable and satellite subscriptions with outrages prices?! Stand up for your wallet, people! Radical change happens when you put your wallet to good use and not by following the same old path to poverty. But there are over 700 channels, you say. And you watch 20 of them on a regular basis. Max.

This holiday season, I sincerely hope that you arent the turkey sitting helplessly on the table waiting to be carved; because if youre still sucked into the vortex of old pay-TV services, you just might be.


- Bad Nerd
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