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Mid-Week Shenanigans - November 13, 2013

Mid-Week Shenanigans
November 13, 2013

Time for your weekly dose of Shenanigans everyone, I know you have been going through withdrawals! This week we have a couple movie trailers, the latest Pete Holmes show's Ex-Men, and the always hilarious 'This Week in Unnecessary Censorship' from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. So get ready for some good times, but first we need some grooves. 

Smooth McGroove is really becoming the official (unofficial) soundtrack for these weekly Shenanigans. His ability to create the most amazing a capella versions of the video game soundtracks consistently blows my mind. If you are not already subscribing to his youtube channel then you are missing out! Subscribe to it now!
Now that you have taken care of subscribing, take it away Smooth!
The Pete Holmes Show
Ex-Men: Angel
Three times a charm is right. This is the third short that Pete Holmes has given us about Xavier thinning the ranks at the old X-men Mansion. This week he is giving Bird man, I mean Angel the pink slip. The great thing about these ex-men clips is that he has Xavier making the jokes that we have all thought, Thanks Pete and keep them coming!
The Jimmy Kimmel Show
This Week in Unneccesary Censorship
If you are following our weekly Shenanigans every week and have never heard of this, then you have some explaining to do. Jimmy Kimmel has been doing these weekly videos for so long that they are a fixture on the web. If you know what they are you know they are always funny, if you don't know what they are, then prepare to be scandalized by your imagination.
Trailer Time!
Finally for your viewing enjoyment, how about some Movie teasers and trailers. This week we have a couple big movies with big stars. Noah starring Russell Crowe and Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie, enjoy!



 We hope you enjoyed this week's Shenanigans, and didn't get into trouble for watching them at work. Make sure to catch Episode 25 of Good Nerd Bad Nerd Here on the blog or at iTunes. Until next time, This is our Independence Day!
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