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Episode 26 Show Notes - The Humans are Dead

Good Nerd Bad Nerd - The Humans are Dead
Episode 26 Show Notes

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we are talking about Robots! We also give you our take on the premiere of Almost Human on Fox. All this plus a few nerdouts that everyone needs to be aware of. And of course we have every ones favorite, the news from around the nerd.

News from Around the Nerd

The Good News

If you have been listening to us for any amount of time you probably know that we are huge fans of Transformers Prime. So for us and any other fans of the series this is some great news. After season 3 ended, there was a teaser for a short mini series to wrap up loose ends. Well that mini series started this weekend, and it is awesome. If you have never seen Prime, then you need to. It can be found on Netflix and will be time well spent.

This weekend, the only thing that matters is Doctor Who. If you don't know what I am talking about then stop reading (just kidding don't stop) and go watch all the Doctor who on Netflix now, we will wait. Done? Good. This Saturday the world is being treated to the 50th anniversary episode, The day of the Doctor. Also catch the prequel episode The Night of the Doctor which gives a great mini episode to prep every one for the big day!

The Night of the Doctor

Now a couple of Nerd Outs (Nerd Shout Outs)

First, if you don't know who Yale Stewart is, you are missing one of the best artists/writers on the web. His series JL8 is consistently amazing and beautiful. Well Marvel has tapped this talented individual to work on the upcoming Nova #10 and we could not be happier. Nova is written by Gerry Duggan a great author that is doing great work and now combine that with some of Stewart's art. This is a book not to be missed.

Secondly, If you are anywhere near Los Angeles then you need to head on over to Meltdown Comics. Leading up to the big 50th anniversary they are having a big Doctor Who exhibit in their art gallery. You will be able to catch some great art that is inspired by nearly 50 years of one of TV's most beloved shows. Then in December, head on back there and catch the exhibit for the X-Files. X-files is  celebrating their 20th anniversary, so you should be expecting more x-files news to be coming out 

The Bad News

Can we stop it with the the complete character make overs please? Wolverine one of the most popular characters of all time is now going through the Shake Up 5000. New Story, new supporting characters, new costume, and new attitude will all be coming to a new Wolverine this coming year. With all of that will also be coming a new fighting style, since Logan will now be using guns. Thats right folks, Wolverine the man who is known for his use of the claws in his hands will be using a gun! Stop it Marvel! Just Stop it!

What is better than a movie that is well thought out, carefully cast and eagerly anticipated by its fans? How about a movie that gets none of those things right. In a move of desperation Fox Movies is just about to start production on their Fantastic Four reboot. Why are they rushing into production? It turns out that if they don't do something with the FF soon, they will loose the rights and they will revert back to Marvel. We got so close to Marvel getting the rights back to this one but alas, we must suffer through another crappy fox Fantastic Four series. Sad day for everyone.

The Nerd Spot

Sometimes, just sometimes good things happen to good people. And sometimes those things involve an entire city coming around a 5 year old boy to celebrate his triumph over Leukemia. Last week, we got to see humanity at its best and it was beautiful. San Francisco was turned into Gotham city for one day so that the Make-a-Wish foundation could help celebrate a little boy, Miles Scott. Miles was diagnosed with Leukemia at the early age of 18 months, and after 3 1/2 years he beat that thing into remission. So what would anyone do who just beat cancer? How about go out on patrol as batman and protect the world, and that is exactly what Miles did. If you missed all the excitement the other day there are tons of images online, just search in google for Batkid and prepare to cry.


Come all you nerds and join in the epic debate of the week. Would tthe planet be better off in a World of just Robots or a world where Robots and Humans live and coexist? This nerdbate comes right out of the brand new show Almost Human which premiered last night of Fox. It was a great show, but it got us thinking and then debating. So join us and weigh in on what you think would be a better world.

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