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"A Lot to Cover" The November 2013 Apple Keynote

A Lot to Cover

 To say that Apple had a lot to cover is an understatement. Today Apple gave us details, specs, and prices on nearly their entire product line. In many cases these were products that were overdue for some attention. Today line up included the new Mac Book's, the new Power Mac, OSX Mavericks, iCloud, iWork, iLife, and iPad updates (and I may have missed something). They packed the entire hour and a half keynote with new product information and still had time for the usual videos and sales updates. So with out further ado, Here is what you missed!

macBook Pro's

First up is the new 13" and 15" macBook Pro's. The 13" model weighs in at 3.46 lbs and only 0.71" thick. With the new Haswell Dual-Core chips it clocks in 90% faster than the previous model. With an impressive 9 hours of battery life you can (as Phil Schiller says) watch the entire Dark Knight trilogy with out plugging in. It comes equipped with PCI3 storage and has a 802.11ac wireless card that is 60% faster than before. This gem of a laptop is also dropping in price from the previous model by $200 with a starting price of $1299.

The 15" is now rocking a 2.4 GHz dual-core i5 processor with 4 GB of DRam, an Iris Graphics chip and a 128 GB SSD. On the higher end 15" books you can upgrade the video card to the 
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and automatic graphics switching. Rounding out the machine is slightly better battery life and the same faster wifi as the 13" macBook Pro. The 15" is also starting out at a lower price $1999, down from $2199.

The Mac Pro

The Mac pro, is the long forgotten oldest child in the Apple family. This power house has been the machine most in need of someTLC and that day has finally come. Months ago we got a taste of what was on the horizen, but today we finally got the details and more importantly the price.  The Mac Pro now comes equipped with the next generation Xeon E5 Quad ,6 ,8, or 12 core configuartions. With a 30MB I3 cache and 40 lanes of PCI express gen 3 this machine is a power house. Additionally it can hold  a staggering 64GB of DDR3ECC ram. With Dual workstation GPU's and video cards that are more powerful than entire computers this machine is already blowing competitors away. Worried about desktop space? Don't be, this machine can handle 3 separate 4K displays through its HDMI ports or 6 thunderbolt displays! Base models come with 256GB of PCIe SSD storage, but can be upgraded to 1TB! There are a ton more specs but the big question is what does this beast cost. The bsa equad core model comes in at $2999 with the 6 core model being listed at $3999. They won't let you customize them yet so we need to wait until december to fin out just how crazy expensive this thing can get. 

OSX Mavericks, iWorks, and iLife

I hope everyone will forgive me for not going into all the new changes here, you really need to see the demo videos to understand a lot of the big changes that are happening. The one I will mention is in iWorks and it is about freaking time. You can now work on the same file with someone else in real time and make changes to the same document. This is a pretty cool feature among tons of new features. Like I said though you really need to just check out all the demo videos. Of course it is also worth mentioning that if yu machine meets all of the spec requirements you will be able to upgrade to Mavericks for FREE. That is right FREE!!!!


iPad Air and the iPad mini

Today we got 2 new iPad's, the iPad Air and the Retina iPad Mini. The iPad Air really is a whole new machine. Thinner and lighter than its predecessor, it also comes equipped with the A7 and M7 chips that are in the every popular iPhone 5S. It also comes equipped with MIMO for fast wireless 802.11n performance. The forward facing camera is a 1080p HD video camera and the rear facing one is a 5MP iSight camera specially designed for Face Time HD. With a 10 hour battery life the iPad Air should have you going most of the day on one charge. It comes in 2 color options Silver/White and Space Gray/Black. The iPad Air will be available November 1, $499 for the 16GB wifi model and $629 for the cellular one.

The iPad Mini also got a hardware boost today, most noticeably in the display. The iPad mini now has a retina display option, with a resolution of 2048x1536 on a 7.9" screen. In addition to the screen it also got better camera's, better wifi, and 10 hour battery life. It comes in the same color options as the iPad Air as well. The Retina Mini starts at $399 for the wifi model and $529 for the cellular one. Just like the iPad Air it will be available November 1.


That basically wraps it up besides some info on the cases. As far as hardware goes though, they really did cover a lot! I can't wait to get myself one of the iPad Air's, are you planning on a new purchase? What did you think?

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