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Word Nerd Book Review: Romeo and/or Juliet and To Be Or Not To Be – Chooseable Path Shakespeare

Romeo and/or Juliet and To Be Or Not To Be – Chooseable Path Shakespeare
by Trisha Quezada

Ryan North, of Adventure Time and Squirrel Girl fame, took some time out of his schedule to bring us two of the most entertaining books I’ve read in years. Shakespeare is rife with puns and hidden jokes, but it takes a lot of effort to read and understand them, making it a chore rather than a joy to read for many people. BUT, what if you could take all the humor of Shakespeare, modernize it, and then cross it with the Choose Your Own Adventure novels you loved as a kid? You’d have a laugh-out-loud funny, endlessly entertaining, perfect as a read-aloud on a road trip, game of a book.

Once of the best things about these is that you can choose to “play” as any of the main characters. Well, that and the fact that North mocks you when you make bad choices. I sat one day, eating lunch at my desk, and chose a few story paths. I was laughing so obviously that my co-workers all thought I was insane (open cubes to “promote collaboration”…Yay day jobs!). If you’ve ever read any Shakespeare, were ever a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books, or like Ryan North’s style/humor, you have to pick these up. Just read through a few of the first pages with Amazon’s “Look Inside” function and you’ll see what I mean.

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