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Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6
by Julie Perez

Why is therapy not included with my HBO subscription?

(Spoilers Ahead)

Do I think it’s normal to cry over a CGI dragon that dies? No. Did I still do it? Yes. This latest episode of Game of Thrones is (I’m saying it) the episode is the entire series; it was full to the brink with story, it had me on the edge of my seat and it my neighbors questioning my sanity (I yelled at my television quite a lot).

Personally, my number one frustration with this series is about how they have handle Sansa’s character development. She takes one-step forward and 178 steps back. In one episode, they’ve (in my opinion) dismantled the strong woman that they’ve developed this season. This episode we got to see what the note that Little Finger planted and Arya discovered said; the note was the one that Cersei made Sansa write so that Rob could come to King’s Landing in support of King Joffrey. When faced with the reminder of this note she wrote, Sansa lets her guard down and allows her true intentions to come through; she’s never stopped wanting to be Queen. Not only that, but also this episode reminded us of how easily Little Finger is still able to manipulate Sansa. So, clearly we’re ignoring all of her character development. Arya’s creepy face secret also gets discovered by Sansa this episode and is anyone else actually worried that Sansa will die at the hands of Arya?

Last episode we saw Jon Snow and his army of hooligans go out to try to capture a Wight and honestly, I had little to no faith that they’d succeed. The intentions behind the kidnapping are that they’re hoping Cersei chooses alongside them if she actually sees a Wight in person. Quick question though, when has Cersei actually done something that makes a little bit of sense?

So Jon Snow and his hooligans fought the army of the dead, lost a few men, almost lost the Wildling, almost lost Jon Snow (again! Anyone else feeling like Jon Snow just isn’t meant for battle?) and we lost a beautiful dragon. Dear Buzzfeed, feel free to include the Dragon death on your next “Top 10 Saddest TV Deaths” article.

Look, I understand that Daenerys and Jon Snow getting together is inevitable and though the chemistry between them is undeniable, I am still struggling to be okay with it. Jon Snow finally decided to bend the knee; I mean it’s the least he could do, Daenerys lost one of her children trying to save him. Daenerys also decides to fight alongside his army to defeat the Night King and honestly this can’t end well for EVERYONE involved so who are we going to have to sacrifice?

I’ve come to the realization that I am not emotionally stable enough to watch Game of Thrones and yes I see that the realization comes a little too late but I am still struggling to accept that next week is the season finale. I’d like to leave you with this; I don’t know how I got here but … is Bran the Night King?

One thing’s for sure, we have yet to loose a major character this season soooo in true Game of Thrones fashion; we’re due.

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