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Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4
by Julie Perez

Do you know how emotional it is to watch a great battle on Game of Thrones when you don’t want either side to lose their leader?

Watching anything on television after witnessing this last Game of Thrones episode is incredibly underwhelming. The character writing on this show has you rooting for everyone (almost everyone, I’m looking at you Cersei and Urine … I mean Euron), when we all know 99% of them will end up dead at the end of the series. I am invested; which comes as no surprise to anyone that knows me but to be completely honest, I find myself the least invested in Bran’s storyline. He’s like the cousin that studied abroad for a year and now only speaks in pretentious quotes; in short, I could do without him though I understand that his storyline is more than likely essential to the outcome of the show.

I shouldn’t have to say this but Spoilers Ahead!

I finally got the emotional reunion I have been waiting for; Arya is back at Winterfell and … of course I cried. Look, Bran was a clear disappointment in the emotional levels he gave us with his reunion so I was glad to get a little misty eyed with Sansa and Arya. Finally Brienne has fulfilled her promise to their mother. Arya informs Sansa that she has a list of people she’s going to kill and after Bran confirms this to be a reality, you see Sansa begin to realize that her siblings have gone through a lifetime-worth of challenges but their stories aren’t over yet.

Quick, slightly disturbing, question; is it incest if neither party knows that it’s incest? Asking for a friend that knows nothing. So Dany has finally agreed to fight the white walkers alongside Jon Snow, though she will only fight if Jon Snow bends the knee. They must be related because they’re both just as stubborn, neither willing to cave on what the other requests.

Look, I am aware that when I tune in to watch Game of Thrones, I’m probably going to get some blood and gore but is nothing sacred? Must we mutilate horses? Dany, the Dothraki and her Dragon meet Jamie’s army in an open field and honestly, none of them stood a chance. The last scene was enough to get me pacing in my tiny, tiny room. Danaereys didn’t die, Jamie didn’t die and thankfully the Dragon didn’t die but we’ve gone too many episodes without a major death so who will it be?

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that their dragon CGI has gotten so much better? That last battle was beautifully shot and it had me on the edge of my seat. Look, I thought I knew where this show was going but they have me, as the kids say: completely shook. Television will never be the same.
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