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Eko: Viewer Controlled Story Telling

Ready to Take Control of your viewing experience? You should meet

Eko brings Its Unique New Storytelling Platform to San Diego Comic-Con
With The Panel Discussion, Interactive Narratives: Giving Control To The Viewer

Panelists Milana Vayntrub, Sandeep Parikh, Lindsay Pulsipher lead an in-depth discussion and demonstration about this new vision in viewer shaped immersive storytelling

Eko, the groundbreaking media and technology company that’s reinventing narrative storytelling with interactive serial entertainment that lets the consumers shape the story as it is being told, is unveiling a slate of new projects at San Diego Comic-Con

Panel Presentation: Interactive Narratives: Giving Control To The Viewer.

On Thursday, July 20th, room 5A from 8:00pm-9:00pm, moderator Alex Albrecht (G4TV, Nerdist) and the brains behind the shows will discuss the excitement, challenges and importance of this next step in interactive viewing. The panel will include Milana Vayntrub (This Is Us, Squirrel Girl), Sandeep Parikh (The Guild), Lindsay Pulsipher (True Blood). Graham Reznick (Until Dawn), Ben Conrad (GenPop) and Shane Small (Creator, Exploding Kittens).

In the fall of 2017 Eko will be launching a full slate of interactive shows created by a host of talented storytellers from across fandom and in association with Sony, MGM and Warner. Come explore with Eko’s creative talent exclusive, never-before-seen footage of the series. Join in on the discussion about their respective approaches to interactive narratives, the importance of this new medium and what it means to connect with and give the viewer more than just a passive experience.

Eko’s unique form of entertainment, which combines premium video with interactive media has been heralded as the next evolution in experiential consumer viewing. In a world where consumers have so many options for entertainment, experiences that provide the opportunity to participate, explore and shape the storyline prove more engaging and impactful than traditional linear video.


Sandeep Parikh & Milana Vayntrub - THAT MOMENT WHEN - Jill, recently arrived in LA, recently dumped, recently evicted, and recently unemployed. The viewer helps—or hinders—her hilariously clumsy social life as she tries to get herself together in time for her high school reunion.

Milana is known for her work on “This Is Us” and it was recently announced she will be starring as Squirrel Girl in “Marvel’s New Warriors.” Follow her on Twitter @MintMilana.

Sandeep is known from the Award-Winning web series “The Guild.” Follow him on Twitter @sandeepparikh.

Graham Reznick & Lindsay Pulsipher - RAPID EYE - Six carefully selected individuals join a mysterious scientist’s experimental sleep program. Trapped in the laboratory, the patients and staff begin to fall victim to their own varied and disturbing dreams and nightmares as they invade reality.

Graham and his partner Larry Fessenden are the creators of the hugely popular horror video game, “Until Dawn.” You can follow Graham on Twitter @GrahamReznick. Lindsay is known for her work on “True Blood.” Follow Lindsay on Twitter @lindspulsipher.

Shane Small – EXP - Nolan, a young man, begins to uncover the underlying truth about his entire existence: that he is actually part of a video game, and you, the viewer, are the player. As he questions his own self-determination, he tests his newfound knowledge with a series of decisions - all of which you make for him.

Shane is also one of the creators of the hugely popular, Exploding Kittens. Follow Shane on Twitter @shanejohnsmall.

Ben Conrad - AUTONOMOUS - When a white collar criminal gets into a self-driving car, it’s up to the viewer to hack into the car’s system and intimidate the passenger into confessing before the cops catch them in a high speed chase.

Ben is the co-founder of Donut and GenPop. For more info on Ben,

Eko is a media and technology company pioneering a new medium in which stories told in live action video are shaped by viewers as they unfold. The company provides the leading technology platform for the creation and delivery of interactive video entertainment and partners with media companies, independent creators and top brands to create experiences for highly-engaged, digitally native audiences. The company's serialized shows are distributed through, affiliate partners, and social networks; available on desktop, mobile, connected devices and VR. Eko Studio, which includes the company's authoring tools, is also home to a large and growing community of creators who are crafting their own interactive experiences with Eko's medium. Eko provides top-quality interactive entertainment and also offers unique opportunities for brands to connect with highly engaged audiences. Eko investors include Innovation Endeavors, Intel Capital, Marker, MGM, NEA, Samsung, Sequoia Capital, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and WPP. The company is based in New York with offices in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. Learn more at our website and follow us on Twitter @ekovideo.
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