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The Weekly Comic Round Up 6/15/17

The Weekly Comic Round Up 6/15/17
by Bryan Scheidler

Mighty Mouse #1 - For everyone expecting this to be a modernized version of the classic cartoon and comic get ready, it is not that. This comic is odd, but the very fact that it isn’t what you would expect earns it a read. I will be giving this book a read for at least a few issues just so I can understand how they are playing out this out because it really has the potential to be awful or amazing. Fingers crossed that Mighty Mouse lives up to his name.

Via Comixology

Dark Days the Forge #1 - It is here the next big event from DC! This comic is all about setting the mood for the coming series and that mood is forbidding. There are a lot of big reveals in here, some will be surprising to everyone, but one in particular that will mean nothing to readers who are not well versed in DC Crisis lore. Even without that background knowledge this book is still a great introduction to the coming event. Without having a solid grasp of the coming conflict, this book delivers on the weight of the situation perfectly.

Via DC Comics

Batman meets the Legion of Super Heroes #1 - The timing on this book seems very serendipity to me. Having just lost the Shining Knight himself, Adam West, it is great to experience another adventure with Batman ’66. The dialogue, the campiness, the characters all feel like this could have been one hell of a great Batman episode.

Via DC Comics (available 7/19)

Defenders #1 - The Defenders Netflix series can’t get here fast enough for me, until then I was very happy to get my hands on Defenders #1. This new series kicks off with all four team members getting individually attacked by a man who seems to have more money than common sense, Diamondback. Honestly we leaves huge diamonds as their calling card when they are are in the business of making money? That little thing aside, this is a fun read and gets me even more ecited to see the Defenders on screen later this year.

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Secret Empire #4 - I recognize that Secret Empire #4 was released this week as well, however I refuse to review it. By all means read it, but understand that I don't think anything in these pages matters. I won't go into detail here, but I explain my position on this major event HERE.

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