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Nerd Rage - Reed Richards is a Fantastic Jerk

Nerd Rage - Reed Richards is a Fantastic Jerk
by Bryan Scheidler

A quick disclaimer: There have already been many articles talking about how much a dick Reed Richards is in the comics. Those tend to focus on panels taken out of context or really bad scenes that show how awfully he has treated Susan. That is not what this article is. This article is about how much damage has has done to the current Marvel universe. Enjoy!

Marvel’s latest event, Secret Empire, has just kicked off and it did so with quite a splash. In the the #0 issue, Marvel doubled down on Captain America being an agent of Hydra. More than just making him a cosmically brain washed hero, they have made the bold claim that this is how he always was and it was the Allies and SHIELD that brain washed him with the cosmic cube first. This revelation has many fans up in arms; Marvel’s symbol of freedom, justice, and all that is good in the world has been transformed into something evil. The sad truth about all of this is that this and every other garbage thing that has happened in Marvel’s comics since the Secret Wars event in 2015 is all the fault of Reed Richards.

If you haven’t been reading Marvel’s comics over the last year then there may be a few things you may not be familiar with. Starting back with the Incursion events the Marvel multiverse was collapsing. Reed Richards, Tony Stark and the rest of the Illuminati were doing whatever they could to put off the end of everything as long as they could, but it was a loosing battle. While they were busy doing that Captain America was doing everything he could to hunt them down and stop them because as far as I can tell his feelings were hurt. Needless to say everything did come to an end. However, thanks to a last minute save by Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange and a life raft full of heroes all hope was not lost. This is when Marvel’s big crossover event Secret Wars took place, it is a good read so you should check it out, but it all wraps up with Reed Richards and his son Franklin recreating the multiverse, and here in lies the problem. Franklin, reeds son was imagining every universe in the multiverse and Reed would use his recently obtained god-like powers to make them real. Kids can imagine and do some crazy messed up things, that is why adults are there to correct them and teach them. They are definitely not there to bring any nightmare fueled version of reality to life.

Reed Richards was well aware of the state of things in his world before it was destroyed and yet when he was given the chance to recreate the world what did he do? The answer is he allowed things to become as screwed up as humanly possible. Don’t believe me? The list of Reed’s handiwork is long and criminal. Mutants are still hated and at the start of this new universe, the air is literally poisonous to them. The x-men are forced to relocate their base to Limbo, and about to go to war with the Inhumans. Norman Osborne, the Green Goblin, has returned as an illegal weapons dealer. The entire Spider-man/Jackal story arc with loved ones of heroes and villains coming back from the dead just to loose them all over because they were cheap clones. The cosmic entities are all in chaos with Eternity, the physical manifestation of the multiverse, in chains. And of course the fate of Captain America, the apparently long time bad guy and leader of Hydra.

Maybe it is a little unfair to lay all of this at the feet of Reed Richards, but he was the one who had the power to set things back to normal. Instead of using that power to make things better, to help the people of the multiverse what does he do? He makes life a living hell for former friends, allies, and the entire multiverse. Of course maybe Reed just has a flair for the dramatic or maybe this entire time we have been seeing things happening on a different universe? Whatever it is, it really doesn’t matter, Marvel gave Reed Richards the power to create the multiverse however he saw fit. So everything that has happened in it so far is on him, thanks a lot Reed.

Author: Bryan Scheidler
Editor: Trisha Quezada
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