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DC's Mystery Seventh Justice League Member

DC's Mystery Seventh Justice League Member
by Bryan Scheidler

We recently got our best look yet at DC's upcoming Justice League movie. The major theme of the trailer and for all the promotional material so far has been about uniting the team. This makes a lot of sense since this is an origin movie, for many of the characters and the team. What has been made pretty clear is that the team will consist of 7 members, but what hasn't been made clear is who the seventh member actually is. The roster so far consists of Batman, Superman (who didn’t know he was actually going to be apart of the team), Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Aqua man. It is the final member of the team that is a mystery. Here are the 5 characters who are most likely the seventh member and 5 characters who should be the seventh member.

Characters DC might put in the film

Martian Man Hunter: Martian Manhunter, aka J'onn J'onzz, is a major DC powerhouse. As a green martian his power set is more diverse than pretty much any other character in the DC Universe (except Batman). His powers would give the film some unique visuals and allow for some interesting story elements. Unfortunately for J'onn J'onzz it is rumored that director David Goyer isn't a fan of the character so that limits his chances of making an appearance this time.

Possibility of Being Included: 10%

Captain Marvel: Billy Batson, the young boy who was given mystical powers by the wizard Shazam is another Superman-esqu character. The big difference between the two is that Billy's powers are derived in Magic while Superman's are naturally granted due to the yellow son and his alien physiology. The biggest thing in favor for Captain Marvel making an appearance is his announced 2019 film. This movie would be a great way to introduce the character before that film.

Possibility of Being Included: 65%

Green Lantern: The Green Lantern is as much of the part of the Justice League as any of the big three. If there is a League being formed it is a safe bet that one of it's members will be a Green Lantern. With a large group of Lanterns to pick from it is hard to narrow down who is the best candidate for this film, a probably made more difficult since everyone has their personal favorite. Since this film is an origin movie the Lantern we will most likely see in this film will be Abin Sur. While Abin Sur won't actually survive the film, it does seem likely that he will join the team for their fight and will die at some point passing on his ring to Hal Jordan and setting up the Green Lantern Corps movie. Whether or not Abin Sur is actually apart of the team or not, rumors circling the movie do say that a Green Lantern will make an appearance in some capacity

Possibility of Being Included: 80%

Captain Atom: Another one of DC's powerhouse characters, Nathaniel Adam's has at his disposal an endless supply of nuclear energy since his very atoms are constantly splitting and reforming. With this energy he is able to do almost anything including fly, shoot nuclear blasts, absorb energy and manipulate mater. As a member of the United States Air Force he could be seen as a liaison between the government and the League or possibly a mole. Considering that the government has been seen in pretty much every DCEU film to be actively pursuing a superhuman solution it would make sense for Captain Atom to make an appearance as that character.

Possibility of Being Included: 45%

Mera: The question with Mera, Queen of Atlantis, is not if she is in the movie but rather if she is apart of the team. While she does associate with various versions of the League in the comics, she generally is more concerned with Atlantis. While it is possible that she could fill that seventh spot, it is more likely that we will see her defending Atlantis from the invading armies of Apocalypse.

Possibility of Being Included: 25%

Those are the characters that are most likely to appear in the role of the seventh member. The question I am now answering is which characters should be put in that spot. The team as it is now is seriously lacking female characters (a problem that Marvel has as well). This is seriously unfortunate since DC has a huge roster of female heroes that could easily fill that spot. For these characters I am just giving you their wikipedia links since you should just read up on them since I won't do them justice (pun not intended)

Characters that Should be put in the film:


Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)



Big Barda

(I wasn't being lazy by not writing up on these 5 characters. I just think they are important enough that you should read all of the info on them instead of a small rambling by me)

Author: Bryan Scheidler
Editor: Trisha Quezada
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