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This Is Us Episode 10 Review

This Is Us Episode 10 Review
by Julie Perez

This Is Us is officially back from Winter break and the show is just as perfect as I remembered. I have so much to say and spoilers will be flying left and right, so if you haven’t seen last night’s episode I recommend you go watch it then come back to read the rest of this article.

Episode 10 of This Is Us left with a huge cliffhanger, the last scene of the show was Toby collapsing in the living room on Christmas and my heart’s been in my throat since then. Thankfully, we find out within the first five minutes that Toby did in fact survive and you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief from everyone watching. Katie and Toby’s relationship may be my favorite from the show; it has come together organically and Toby is a wonderful comedic relief in a TV show that constantly has me crying.

This Is Us is full of beautiful and complex characters, in this episode we find Randall struggling with the fact that his biological father is gay. We see this struggle that Randall has with himself to accept his father’s relationship. We see him question his stance on the issue, we see him doubt himself, we see him uneasy about it all and yet our love only grows stronger for this character. Storylines focused on the LGBTQ community can be difficult to tackle; when exploring the way a character reacts to someone coming out you can run the risk of creating an unlikeable character. Yet, This Is Us found the perfect way to showcase the struggle while still keeping the hope that Randall was a good character, with a good heart and the fans had to just trust the journey that he was on.

Jack. Oh, Jack. Look, my love for Milo Ventimiglia knows no bounds as he constantly amazes me with his portrayal of Jack. Up until now the show has only focused on the many sacrifices that Rebecca has had to make for her family. With this latest episode, we got a look into Jack’s childhood (growing up with an abusive father) and we got to understand a little bit better why he is the overprotective father that he is. Perhaps his upbringing is why he feels the need to constantly tell his wife and children that he loves them.

With this episode we got to see Jack’s abusive upbringing and we also got to see Jack as an adult come face to face with his father. We watched him swallow his pride so he could go and ask his father for money. The scene was difficult to watch but that’s the beauty of Milo Ventimiglia, the vulnerability in each scene almost makes you feel like you’re intruding by watching.

This show started on a very high note for me and somehow, I only see it getting better and better with each episode. Each actor and actress is exceptional within the world they’ve created. I will not stop until every single person I know is watching this show.
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