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Book Review: Dream It, Screw It: 30 Years of Rejected Disney Park Rides from Dipp Disney

Dream It, Screw It: 30 Years of Rejected Disney Park Rides from Dipp Disney Review
by Bryan Scheidler

 Let’s get one thing straight; this book is not a historical book about real ride ideas that were scraped. It is a book of farce; comedy for comedy’s sake and it is brilliant. Written by Geoffrey Golden, this book explores the world of Disney Imagineers, specifically through the designs of Walt’s unknown cousin Dipp. Don’t wonder that have you never heard of Dipp Disney, just like this book he is a fictional character.

Dream It, Screw It is absolutely hilarious and amazing to read.  The attraction ideas that we are introduced to are so outlandish that part of me wishes they were real.  From the ‘Vietnamese Jungle Cruise’ to the ‘Water and Electrical Appliances Parade’, this entire book is full of Disney attraction ideas that are just insane. It isn’t just cleaver names either that Geoffrey Golden has come up with. He has fully fleshed out rides; terrible rides mind you, but rides that you can clearly picture.  Thanks to some amazingly disturbing artist renderings we get a really good look at what Dipp was picturing.

The book is more than just bad ride ideas though; it is also the story of Dipp Disney. Through his ride creations and the notes from those around him we learn a lot about whom this mysterious Disney relative is and why on earth Walt would ever have hired someone like him. This book is a lot of fun and I found myself laughing often at the absurd ideas. What Geoffrey Golden has created here is something great and I would love to see more of what Dipp Disney had to offer, like some Dipp Disney original movie pitches or children’s tv shows.
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