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American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2 Review

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2 Review
by Julie Perez

Well, aren’t I glad that I watch this show in the morning with the daylight shining through my window? This season of American Horror Story is definitely the scariest out of all of them. The scenes seem more suspenseful; they allow moments to breath and live in the eerie silence; which makes the act of watching the show an anxiety-filled journey. We pick up on episode 2 with Shelby lost in the woods as she stumbles upon a human sacrifice. You know, just another Friday night shindig to attend. Kathy Bates’ character seems to be the leader of the group and at her side is a kneeling Lady Gaga. Is Lady Gaga her sidekick, her family member or possibly her pet? I have so many questions and by the end of this episode, still have no answers.

After witnessing the human sacrifice Shelby gets caught eavesdropping and Kathy sends her people after her. Shelby runs and after a quick little chase scene, she somehow gets away (but why couldn’t she get out of the woods before?) and we find ourselves back at the house. Matt is finally convinced that they have to leave the house and ALL OF A SUDDEN Shelby has decided to not leave because she is somehow convinced that all the crazy things happening are due to the racist hillbillies and she doesn’t want to let them win. In the middle of getting this explanation we hear from Matt himself that they were trying to rationalize the irrational, which somehow seems like a way for the writers to say that we may not be getting tangible answers anytime soon.


While they’re trying to decide what to do against the racist hillbillies Matt’s sister, Lee decides to bring her 8-year-old daughter to be at the house with her for the day. Here’s the thing with children in creepy situations … they make everything even creepier. It only makes sense to find out that Flora is communicating with some sort of presence in the house. A presence that has told Flora, “They’re going to kill us. And save me for last.” I’m telling you; creepy kids saying creepy shit.

This episode was a series of scenes that were at times related to each other but yet gave little to no actual information on how the storyline would be advancing. Sure, we got Matt experiencing some of the supernatural occurrences in the house. We find that Shelby and Matt have discovered a video tape that was left behind by a previous home owner where we get a little bit of back story on the house itself. Yet, I am left with more questions than answers.
In the last minutes of the episode, Lee’s daughter Flora goes missing and Shelby, Matt and Lee frantically go into the woods to search for her. After a shriek from Lee, we come to find a tall tree that is smeared with blood and at the very top of the tree is Flora’s yellow sweater.

So, the kid’s dead right?

With episode 2 in the bag, Season 6 has lost a bit of its spark but I am going to push through the hesitation. I feel like Ryan Murphy and his team, constantly get so caught up with the general idea of the season that the details of how to advance the story get lost almost immediately. I hope that they find a way to make progress while still keeping the eerie scenes that have been exemplary thus far. I’m excited to get more into Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga’s character because lets be real; that’s the real reason while we’re all here.
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