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The Weekly Comic Round Up 7/2/2016

The Weekly Comic Round Up 7/2/2016
(a Day late)

Justice League Rebirth #1 - Just like I said that the main Rebirth series and the Flash series felt like the same story, the same goes for Justice League Rebirth and the Superman series. Currently both stories have the question of this new Superman at their core so it feels like we are getting a more rounded story. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing, this book compliments the Superman book so well that you need to read them together to truly appreciate the entire story.

Justice League Rebirth #1 via DC Comics

Batman #2 - This comic has the exact spirit and feel that I want in the upcoming Batman film. Seriously I just can't handle how perfectly they nailed him. Pages 18-19 are just perfect and I would love a scene like that to play out in the Justice League film. Tom King just gets it, he knows who Batman should be and I am loving it.

Batman #2 via DC Comics

Superman #2 - This Superman series is really interesting to me, because it is playing out like a "What If?" story. What if Clark had been raised with 2 parents, one of whom already had powers and was protecting the world with them? What would that mean for a young boy growing up learning to use them? Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are really making this a compelling story.

Superman #2 via DC Comics

Aquaman #2 - Once again I am blown away by the story telling in the Aquaman book. Dan Abnett has been on a mission to show why this character is so interesting and he continues to hit the mark. This book more than any of the others from DC really does a great job of dealing with the morality and responsibility behind being a superhero.

Aquaman #2 via DC Comics

Green Lanterns #2 - I missed giving my thoughts on the first issue in this series so let me just start by saying that I have always loved the Green Lanterns. There is just something epicly cool about them and their abilities. What I love about this book is that we get to see the Green Lanterns from the point of view of Jessica Cruz, the newest member of the corp. Through her we see that while these characters have such massive power, the real battle for them most times is an internal struggle. This is not something you see often in comics and that is what makes this book so interesting.

Green Lanterns # 2 via DC Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #15 - If a comic wanted to sell copies based not he cover alone, this one would do it. But unlike some other comics that have done this (I am looking at you Spawn #77), this time it was relevant to the story. This is the final issue in a pretty amazing story arc,"Power Play" so if you aren't caught up you may want to consider that first. That being said, don't miss this issue! Mary Jane rocking the Spider-Armor is pretty epic, and her ability to use it actually makes sense.

Amazing Spider-Man #15 via Comixology

Doctor Strange Prelude Comic #1 (of 2) - First off this is a comic from the MCU, not the main marvel comics universe so it will not add to any existing storyline there. However if you are looking forward to the upcoming Marvel film Doctor Strange but want to get a little more familiar with the characters that will be in the movie this is a good place to start. This comic introduces many of the secondary characters that will be in the movie so it does give you a head start on knowing who is who in the world of Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange Prelude Comic #1 (of 2) via Comixology

Transformers: Till All Are One #2 - I said it about the first issue in this series and I will say it again, there is a lot of backstory that I feel like I need for this series. Don't let that scare you away from it though because this book is amazingly drawn and the story does a remarkable job of filling in the important information that new readers will not know. My only complaint is that there is so much depth in this book, so much going on, that it felt like the issue was over before it really began. I guess that is the goal though, leave your audience wanting more.

Transformers: Till All Are One #2 via Comixology
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