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The Weekly Comic Round Up 7/13/2016

The Weekly Comic Round Up 7/13/2016
by Bryan Scheidler

Civil War #3 - This book is my top pick for this week, hands down. I can honestly say I was blown away by the direction Marvel took and it was perfect. The tone they set in this book is just outstanding and I was pissed when I was done reading because I wanted more so badly. Great Job Marvel!

Amazing Spider-Man Civil War II (2 of 4) - I love what Marvel has done with Peter recently, and this tie-in mini series is no exception. This is a great series to really see the main Civil War dilemma play out. Does knowing the future mean it is preventable or does it force it is possible to prevent it. Good story telling and great art, what more do you want?

Nightwing #1 - Nightwing is cool, this is a fact. If you aren’t familiar with him then this book is a great place to learn about him. We learn about his past, his motivations, his emotional connection to the bat family, and it is all done while setting up what promises to be an exciting story for the foreseeable future. Dick Grayson has always been a great character and Nightwing #1 is continuing that tradition.

Detective Comics #936 - The bat family is probably one of my favorite things in comics. This book is the start of this team showing how great they are, and not just as side-kicks to Batman.

Wonder Woman #2 - This issue takes us back to Themyscira where we meet a young Diana. It is remarkable because it shows a Diana I don’t think I have ever seen. A woman who knows she is the best warrior, yet conceals it. A woman who hasn’t been worn down by years of fighting villains and demigods and aliens, a woman who has such optimism about the outside world that she is alone and isolated among her friends and family. What this book does is give the best explanation for why Diana would want to travel beyond the confines of her home and explore the rest of the World. Once again writer Greg Rucka and artist Nicola Scott show why this is one of my favorite books currently.

New Super-Man #1 - This is one of DC’s books that I was most curious about when they had their big Rebirth announcement panel, and 99% of it is great. The new character Kenan Kong is a very interesting character. He has a kind of honest self delusion about him that I find interesting. On one hand he sees himself as perfect physical specimen while on the other hand has a realistic understanding of his actions and is honest (with himself anyways) about his motivations. With such a great character I am really looking forward to more of him, but there is one thing in the end of the book that I am a little skeptical of. I am holding my judgement on it until I see it play out, but it did keep me from saying this was a perfect book.

Action Comics #959 - I am confused by this book and I am pretty sure that is exactly what the writers want. We have Super Lex, Superman, Clark Kent, all as separate people and all in a world that knows 2 things. First they know that Clark Kent is Superman and second they know that Superman is dead. So what is going on? I have no clue, I am so confused, but I am loving every page in this book. Amazing art and a great mystery make this one you really should pick up.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp Rebirth #1 - More so than almost any of the other DC titles this one screams Rebirth. Hal Jordan launches his crusade to review the Corp and his passion is felt throughout the Universe. This is another book that ended to quickly for me and I am disappointed that I need to wait until next month for more.

the Flash #2 - This is the introduction to a much bigger story and it looks to be fun. In all honesty it is a story we have seen before (no spoilers here, try and guess, better yet buy the book), but I am so sold on what they are doing with the Flash and Rebirth that I can’t wait. 

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