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The Weekly Comic Round Up 6/8/16

The Weekly Comic Round Up 6/8/16
DC is at the top of It's Game

Aquaman Rebirth: This comic right here is a must read, because it gets everything 100% right about Aquaman. If you are being honest,  like most people you probably look at Aquaman as the butt of a joke. This comic addresses that perception in a great way hopefully making the reader look at Aquaman in an entirely different light. I have to say I was blown away by how this comic set the stage for his story and I can't wait to see how #2 follows this up.

Aquaman Rebirth #1

Flash Rebirth: Flash Rebirth feels the most tied to the main storyline of Rebirth so far. For good reason to, since Rebirth #1 was told from the perspective of someone close to him. If you haven't read Rebirth #1, read that first, no spoilers here! Because of this, this feels more like Rebirth #1.5 rather than Flash Rebirth #1. That being said there are some very important revelations in this book and more than once I had what I call a "Holy Crap" moment.

Flash Rebirth #1

Action Comics Rebirth: This book is probably the most difficult of the Rebirth series I've read so far to just pick up. If you aren't up to date on what has been going on with Superman and the Lois and Clark series then you will be a bit lost. With that being said, you should know that the story being set up is so compelling that you will want to go back and check out everything that led to this. Who is the Superman we are following and where did he come from? I need to know and I need to know his plans for this world he is now apart of.

Action Comics #957

Wonder Woman Rebirth: I talked about this book last week but it is finally available. Check it out and just try and tell me it isn't one of the best books you have read in a long time.

Wonder Woman Rebirth

Let me pause real fast to say something about the DC Rebirth series. This series and all of its tie in comics have so far been outstanding. It has been a long time since I have been this excited and engaged in DC's books. Everything that they have put out so far for the Rebirth series is excellent. Beyond that, the main story they are telling is really intriguing. Full disclosure I tend to be more of a Marvel fan, but currently, DC is putting out much better stories. Rebirth is hands down more interesting than Civil War II. I say this as someone who likes the story so far in Civil War II, Rebirth is just a much stronger story.

Sherlock A Study in Pink #1: Let's make one thing clear, this is a comic book adaptation of the first part of the very first Sherlock episode starring Benedict Cumberbatch. That being said, I loved this book! I could not read it fast enough and was upset that it was only part 1 of 6 and not the entire story. Maybe this is just me going through Sherlock withdrawals, but this was a great read and one any fan of Sherlock would love.

Sherlock A Study in Pink #1 of 6

Amazing Spiderman Civil War II (1 of 4): This is the first Civil War II tie in I have read and it really helps the larger story I think. The end of Civl War II #1 has emotions running high for nearly everyone, but this book takes a step back. Here we see Spider-man taking a minute to investigate the situation more thoroughly and try and be clear headed about whats at stake. Like I said this is the only tie-in I have read so far, but I am planning on checking out the other tie-ins Gods of War and New Avengers that were released this week.
Amazing Spider-Man Civil War II #1 of 4
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