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The Weekly Comic Round Up 6/1/16

The Weekly Comic Round Up 6/1/16
Rebirth and Civil War

I am starting something new here at Good Nerd Bad Nerd, welcome to 'The Weekly Comic Round Up'. Each week I will highlight some of the stuff happening in the world of comics that I think everyone should check out. This is a big week to start it because we have the start of DC's Rebirth and Marvel's Civil War all happening. 

DC Rebirth Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman: DC launched its much-hyped new event last week with the main Rebirth series. This week we got the stand-alone stories for all the main characters. I can honestly say it has been a while since I have been this excited for some DC books. Things have been a little off for me in the past but these books are home runs. The art is great and the stories feel like I am back to characters I know and love (and considering what Marvel just did I needed that). The big winner of DC’s trinity for me is Wonder Woman, this book had me the most excited after reading it and I cannot wait for the story they are telling here.

Rebirth: Batman
Rebirth: Superman
Rebirth: Wonder Woman (Available 6/8)

Marvel Civil War II #1: The second series to use this name, the story revolves around a new Inhuman and his ability to predict possible futures. I think this will be a better series than the first Civil War and I loved that one. The emotional punches right for the start are huge and the two sides are making strong cases for their sides. What I like most in this series is that we are finally getting to see a responsible Tony Stark. He is the voice of caution; he is the one begging everyone to be careful.  Can’t wait for more from this series. A great book that will hopefully over shadow the huge misstep they made with Cap.

These next two books came out in the past two weeks, but I really wanted to bring attention to them. Since this is the first week of my comic round up I think I am allowed to do this, so sue me.

Scooby-Doo Apocalypse #1: When I first heard they were doing this I was skeptical, who wasn’t? But trust me when I say that this is a fun book. The art is excellent, the characters feel like the ones I grew up watching, and the story is 100% Scooby doo. Of course the characters and back-stories have been changed a little to fit this re-telling of the gang. That doesn’t matter though, they needed to be fixed to work in this form anyways and DC did it beautifully. Check out this book and keep an eye out for issue #2.

Steve Rogers Captain America #1: This is the comic that has been flooding your Facebook feed for the last week. The one that I am sure everyone heard the twist of already.  Let me be upfront; I hate the twist, I think it is dumb, and I already know at least 2 ways that they can and will reverse it. That being said the art is amazing, and the story is told really well, I just don’t like where it is going. Honestly check it out just so you can fully understand what is going on, then get back to me and let’s place bets on how Marvel reverses this.

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