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Game of Thrones Review Season 6 Episode 7

Game of Thrones Review Season 6 Episode 7
by Julie Perez

A girl lets her guard down and subsequently gets stabbed, a 9 year old becomes my new favorite character and the Hound is alive!

“The Broken Man” begins and it is revealed that The Hound is alive. No opening credits, no previously on Game of Thrones, this episode gets right to the point. So turns out the Hound was at death’s door when a man known as Brother Ray found him and nursed him back to health. Brother Ray’s influence seems to make the Hound more reflective of his actions and of course, we are never allowed to enjoy a good moment for too long and Brother Ray inevitably meets a bloody demise. What now? Where will The Hound end up? Reunited with Arya?

Has anyone figured out Margaery’s plans yet? If so, please let me know because I’ve come up with plenty of theories but none of them have the possibility of actually being true. So in this episode we see the High Sparrow vehemently working towards getting rid of anyone who may be a threat to him and his twisted plans. Last episode it was Jamie and this episode it was Lady Olenna. Margaery and Lady Olenna have a meeting, in which Lady Olenna offers Margaery a chance to escape everything but Margaery seems unfazed by her grandmother’s suggestion and sticks to the role she has committed to. Margaery urges her grandmother to go home and as they say goodbye Margaery slips her a rose – no, not just any rose, she slips her a Tyrell rose. So there’s your answer, if you actually believed that Margaery had become loyal to the High Sparrow the rose is a confirmation that she is doing what she’s always done best; playing the game.

In this episode we also get a meeting between Lady Olenna and Cersei. Honestly, I was secretly hoping that we would eventually see these two join forces. Unfortunately, there will be no joining of forces since Lady Olenna will be going home and she finally tells Cersei what we’ve all been thinking (and tweeting): Cersei fucked up. Cersei candidly admits that yes, she was wrong (obviously). So with Lady Olenna leaving and Jamie gone this means that Cersei is completely alone, I mean there’s the big scary guard that is constantly near her but in reality, she’s all alone. What does this mean for Cersei We’ve seen a fairly calm Cersei these last couple of episodes. For someone who is slowly losing the comfort that continually surrounding her, she sure is taking it in stride. What is she planning?

Let’s move on to Yara and Theon, who are on their way to try to convince the Mother of Dragons to join forces. Speaking of, how do we think that’ll end up? Daenerys did just get all of her boats up in flames, do you think she (or Tyrion) will accept their offer? Anyway this episode we find Yara and Theon in a brothel, where we find out that Yara is enjoying some lady love (was this really shocking to anyone?). Theon looks miserable and Yara hates it, she urges him to try to have a little fun. Unfortunately, there isn’t much for Theon to do at a Brothel, let’s not forget how Ramsay completely mutilated him. Yara tells Theon that he can’t go on like this, she understands that he has every reason to be miserable but unless he’s going to end his own life he has to snap out of it. Personally, I am also ready for Theon to snap out of it. I get it, he went through horrendous torture and brainwashing but let’s not forget that he got in the situation with Ramsay because of his own stupid decisions. Since he’s gotten away from Ramsay he’s shown some serious potential, that if steered in the right direction, he can make some important calls. Anyone else feel that way? Or am I just a woman with a kind heart and a na├»ve mind?

Jon and Sansa are off to find support in their fight against the Boltons. Thankfully, the wildlings have been convinced to fight with them. Next is House Mormont, this is where we meet Lyanna Mormont who is a badass 10 year old who quickly becomes my favorite character. She is hesitant to help Jon and Sansa but Davos, as he tends to always do, saves the day by treating Lyanna like an adult and explaining to her why it is in her best interest to help them. She agrees and gives them her 62 men. Throughout this episode Jon and Sansa continue to grow their army which subsequently grows my belief that Jon and Sansa will soon be kicking some Bolton ass.

Oh Arya, just when you’re beginning to make decisions that may benefit you, you end up letting your guard down and getting stabbed. None of us believed this whole “the girl is no one” path that Arya tried to lead right? Arya ends up in a port looking to get on a ship back to Westeros, there she encounters and old woman (always a bad sign) and everything happened SO FAST. The old woman was The Waif who was wearing somebody else’s face (of course she was). The Waif ends up stabbing Arya’s belly repeatedly and suddenly I am screaming at my laptop. Arya jumps into the water and The Waif, assuming she is dead, walks away. We see Arya climb out of the water and walk into the street looking for help. She looks at everyone’s face; she is wet, bloody and unsure of who she can trust. Is one of them The Waif?

So many moving pieces in this episode and yet we are still left with so many unanswered questions. There are only three episodes left, is that enough time to give us the answers that we’ve been waiting for all season? They’ve laid down the groundwork for a pretty epic war, will they deliver by the season finale or will they leave us high and dry? Will Margaery’s plan finally be revealed? Will Daenerys approve of the decisions that Tyrion has been making in her absence? Will my anxiety levels ever be low while watching an episode of Game of Thrones? One thing is for sure, they have built up quite an epic season finale and if they don’t deliver I’m sure they’ll be plenty of people who will let them know. Twitter warriors start working out your tweeting thumb, just in case.
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