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E3 Day 1 Report

E3 2016 Day 1 Report
by Bea

While the video gaming world is abuzz with #E32016, Bethesda hosted their 2016 E3 presentation last night both in-person and streamed live over the internet (behold the future!) The stream was hosted by former X-play hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. Cool right? But the after party where it was at, Bethesda had Blink 182 play live after the presentation all the while beering and turkey-legging their guests, turning them into some grand bold adventurer sans arrow in their knee in honor of their new Elder Scrolls games and remastered Skyrim. I might add that considering that this was the first year they open the tent to the public, they did a fantastic job, the only problem I saw there was me. I wasn't there. But I digress.

Here are the highlights from their presentation:

Doom ( To be read in a low gravely low octave voice, trust me it’s much more enjoyable this way)
Bethesda talked about the success of the new Doom with what I heard to be more than a hint of relief. During this presentation they unveiled their future plans for this franchise including:
•       Expanded snapmap support and expanded support for user-generated content
•       Unto the Evil, a new DLC package
•       1-week 1st level demo to be made available for XBone, PS4, and PC (Via Steam)
•       VR Support (no date announced)
Please note this is the game you use to play back in the early 90’s, but the challenge has been dropped players will be able to take a virtual tour of hell (ooh doesn’t that sound lovely?)  and get a look at the very latest in graphics but stopped short of saying that the full game would come to VR. That's just as well, because, given the game's speed, Doom would likely cause all manner of motion sickness in players. So break out the dramamine and sit back guys..this one is going to be a bumpy but epic ride.

The Elder Scrolls ( Waits patiently for the god like rays and warriors from Sovngarde from singing to finish)
Now before I go on. If there was any franchise that I’m passionate about it would be the Elder Scrolls. No lie, I can go on like some besotted bard about this franchise, but I digress.

Bethesda did touched briefly on the beloved The Elder Scrolls series. No, TES 6 wasn’t announced but it was confirmed, no surprise considering the sly hints being spoken much like a lusty argonian maid would say seeking a patron, tossed casually hither and yon. However with such a big project this will take some time, possibly years since Bethesda did mention that they have 2 BIG BIG projects in the works as well. (Lights a million candles and crosses all fingers for ES6) But saying that, here is what is going to be offered this fall.

•       Skyrim: Remastered will be released on 10/28/16 and will include updated graphics for PC, PS4, and XBone. It will include support for mods on the consoles. (Much Exclamations. Such Exclamations!!!)
•       Legends will be a collectible card game to be made available on Mac, PC, and Iphone. Not many details were released doesnt mean it you can’t be excited by this.
•       Online experienced healthy consumer support in its first year of existence gaining over 7 million users. This month will see expanded support into Japan. Tuesday will see the release of the Dark Brotherhood DLC be made available and in the fall, One Tamriel will discontinue guild and level restrictions on exploration and quests. That means that the second you join the game, the entire game will be
made available to you. ( Squees internally forever)

Fallout 4 has seen shocking consumer support ( I mean seriously, why are they even shocked about this?) Bethesda will continue to support this game with updates (things like contraptions, elevators, a build-your-own-shelter that seems to be inspired by the success of the mobile game Fallout Shelter) Now not many are excited about building your own shelter, but coming from a person who happened to own 9 homes in all the holds of Skyrim including 3 i built, I’m pretty excited by this.More new DLC, Nuka-World and Far Harbor (watch the trailers, and watch them again. One for WHOA and another to get hyped up on)  and full-game HTC Vive VR support in 2017 (not sure it's eyeglass wearing peep friendly but it won't stop me from trying).

With the mobile game Fallout Shelter being a huge success and Bethesda will continue to support it by firstly, bringing it to the PC and, secondly, offering new content. Break out your Pip Boys and some cold refreshing Nuka Cola!

Arkane Studios ( In collaboration with Bethesda)
The French company, Arkane Studios, offered two very exciting entrants into the gaming market:

Dishonored II (11/11/16)
Coming out on 11/11/16, this sequel to the original Dishonored appears
to be some kind of Sci-Fi mix between Assassin's’ Creed and Bioshock with some very interesting gaming mechanics thrown in. I’ll admit, this is the game that excited me the most during the whole presentation. Maybe it was the option to play a  strong female character that was actually more dressed that most of her female predecessors in action games or the visual orgasm you experience while playing the game or maybe it's the ability that you have to build characters from their skill trees to have their own unique abilities and showcased many of Kaldwin's, including a fun mod that makes a single attack affect all nearby enemies if connected by a glowing series of lights and glowing lines ( this is called the “Domino attack” and its very very cool.). Also, for a short time there will be bundles that will include Dishonor 1 and some rather cool loot. So, if you're a serious fan and like any Fallout fan can tell you, those bundles sell fast so preorder now. Go ahead, go now, i can wait..

Arkane also presented a first look at the trailer for Prey, due out sometime in 2017. It appears to be a sci-fi first-person, open-world RPG (shocking, right? Moving on) with some psychological thriller aspects. This game will be available for PC, PS4, and XBone.

Quake Champions
The focus of Quake Champions was that this was the company’s tentpole e-sports game. Bethesda harped on the focus being on allowing this game’s graphics to be pushed as far as one’s hardware could take it. They mentioned it operating at 120 hrz and that it would have unlocked frame-rates. They mentioned support for tournaments so as to establish it as a mainstay in the e-sports realm. Of course there’s the new features, characters, and abilities that come with any refreshed game but the presentation was light in that regard.

One other thing I may add, Bethesda emphasized was their spotlight on supporting VR in its first-person open world RPG games and, again, mentioned VR support for Fallout 4 and Doom on the HTC Vive. Overall the Bethesda presentation really resonated. Dishonored II looks like it could be a fantastic experience. The forward-looking support for VR warms the cockles of my heart. The continued support of next-gen consoles in addition to PC ensures wide market-penetration.
With solid support for established hits and unexpected success in daring new ventures, Bethesda seems well equipped to support quality gaming experiences into the near future.

I do want to mention that sharing the time slot with Bethsedsa on the first day of E3 was EA and Kadokawa. Reports about EA? Meh yay sports gamey thingy but this is what I noted.

EA’s conference (While wondering if some local NFL squad of perky cheerleaders would come on the floor, alas they did not)
They showed trailers for Titanfall 2 (looked promising) and as always their cash cow Madden 17 with HEAVY emphasis on e-sports. Yes the much Hyped up Madden as an e-sports feature now with coordinating Madden tournaments and challenges with cash prizes. There were some saving graces in the form of Mass Effect: Andromeda (Bioware), Fifa 17, Star Wars ( which was sadly not very hyped up as it shouldve been) and Battlefield 1.
I will say that they are doing something rather cool other than their commitment to content updates, and that is their launch of in-game challenges for charitable donations and donate up to 1 million dollars towards STEM education, As a parent, that’s pretty cool since we don’t spend nearly as much time as we should in those subjects these days.
As for Kadowaka? Well, let's just say that they were the equivalent to the kid who was invited to the birthday party but brought bed sheets as a gift. Who invited that kid? Seriously, even though they were listed in the line up, I couldn't find anything about them during E3.

So there you go, Day 1 wrap up. Not bad, but if you excuse me I’m off to wait in line for my New Skyrim and Dishonored game.
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