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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Review

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Review
by Julie Perez

So is anyone else really looking forward to the Wildling and Brienne hooking up? Could Tormund win over the heart of the extremely loyal, ridiculously badass and extremely loveable human that Brienne is? Guys, I had to start this off with a silly question because aside from the very clear sexual tension between Tormund and Brienne, this was a very emotionally charged episode.

Why must happiness always get taken away from us so quickly with this show? Even though we got a beautiful Stark reunion last episode and even though we are currently witnessing Sansa taking charge of the situation and making decisions, the end of “The Door” has undeniably left us in tears. (I know I’m not the only that cried.) Here we go:

We start with Sansa and Littlefinger having a very uncomfortable reunion. The reunion begins with Sansa asking Littlefinger if he wants to hear about her wedding night with Ramsay, which is when I audible screamed, “Please don’t” – but she does. She explains that she can still feel what he did and not just emotionally, she is still in pain from what he did. OUCH. Littlefinger apologizes and Sansa decides to spare him his life but tells him that she never wants to see him again. Littlefinger leaves but not before giving Sansa some news; her uncle “The Blakfish” has re-taken his home or Riverrun from the Freys. Why is this important? Army! Jon Snow will need more men if he plans to fight the Boltons.

Anyone else not buying this whole “Arya is no one” bit? Arya is Arya and no amount of ass beating will change that fact. My theory? Arya is trying to master this whole “no one” thing because she hasn’t forgotten about her list and she figures that mastering this faceless situation will make it easier to get rid of the people that remain on her list. The feelings began here because Arya is put in a situation where she has to witness a reenactment of King Robert’s death at an outdoor theatre. She gets to relive the tragedy that was her father’s death with an added bonus of laughter all around her.

So did anyone else lose sleep over the creepy White Walkers? Okay, so I know I am a confident, independent 26-year-old woman but I had to pause the episode when they showed the white walkers because I was home alone. You can keep your judgment to yourself because I carry no shame. This episode we find out how the White Walkers were created, turns out the Children of the Forest created them in order to fight a war. If only they could have foreseen the shit storm the White Walkers have created since then.

“Hold the door”

Ugh Bran and his unsupervised time traveling caused so much trouble this episode. So we find out that the White Walkers can see Bran and not only can they see him but apparently they can touch him. Once the Night’s King touches Bran it causes a series of events that have taken my heart and stomped on it. Guys, Hodor is dead. The one character who had zero agenda, the one character who has been loyal to the same person the entire series and now he’s gone. Before losing sweet, sweet Hodor we also find out how Wyllis came to lose the ability to say anything other than “Hodor”.

What does this mean though?

As Meera and Hodor are trying to get Bran away from the White Walkers, they run through the door. At this point Meera yells to Hodor that he needs to hold the door. At the same time, Bran is currently in Ned Stark’s past where young Wyllis is in the courtyard and he can faintly hear Meera who is yelling, “Hold the door”. In the courtyard young Wyllis has a seizure and as he’s seizing he keeps repeating “hold the door” which slowly starts sounding more and more like “Hodor”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Can Bran control the past?

A lot of progress has been made this episode, you can see the many battles that are brooding and you know shit’s about to get real. So many emotions have been felt this episode and many hours of sleep have been lost (mostly because the White Walkers scared the sleep out of me – don’t judge me). My anxiety grows with every episode but this season is slowly becoming my favorite from the series so far.

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