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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 Review

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 Review
by Patrick Baum

Alright, alright Jon Snow is alive and Jon Snow is, well, Jon Snow. We now know that heaven doesn’t exist and the only thing after dying is black and it has to be true right because that is what the bastard said. So, this episode wasn’t nearly as mind-blowing as the first two, but we always need the further the story and I was more than satisfied with where we are heading.

After being off-screen for some time the youngest Stark brother finally shows up again and he is about to make the hatred for Ramsey cut so much deeper. We really have no idea what he will do, but I imagine Rikon isn’t about to enjoy tea and scrumpets.

Arya, can we please talk about Arya? After losing her sight and getting her ass beat with a stick for the past three episodes she finally is gifted with her eyes back. Hopefully, her list gets a whole lot longer and she is sent out to become the next great assassin. Will she be sent to Dorne or Kings Landing, who fucking knows, but for now at least she can see the stick flying at her face now.

Dani is about to get hit with an awful amount of culture and wish that she hadn’t ran off trying to conquer the world. Apparently, being married to a Khal makes you think that the world is yours and you will lead a magical Disney life, of course murdering and pillaging everything that is in your sight, so kind of like Pocahontas, right?

Muhfucking Bran! This kid is going to introduce us to the meaning of our lives and tell us who will be leading the army against the ultimate killing machines, The White Walkers. Bran discovered that Ned was a bitch, and that he may be able to change the past. What does that even mean? It’s too bad the old tree guy is really making it hard for Bran and more importantly me, to learn the truth about Jon Snow.

The Lannisters. Cersi and Jamie are conjuring up some grand scheme but nobody is really taking them seriously yet. The priest is influencing the young king to see his way of life. Tyrion is doing Tyrion things, which means drinking, trying to get others drunk and telling stories.

And the giant circle comes back to none other than Jon Snow. Obviously, since Jon was stabbed to death like a fucking push pin, he was going to be a little angry. The Starks do what the Starks do and that is bringing down the hammer. We have now seen Ned, Rob, and Jon deliver justice in a way no other has done. Jon allowed the men to say their peace ( kind of felt sorry for Ser Allister, he wasn’t entirely wrong, but Ollie, fuck Ollie, if you remember he killed Jon and also shot Ygritte). He deserved it. Like a boss, Jon carried out his duty, and was like “Fuck this shit, I’m out” presumably to go make some order of the shitshow that is currently happening In the North.
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