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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Review

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Review
by Julie Perez

Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned.

“Home” is the second episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones and the people behind the show are proving that they’ve created the best season to date. So many deaths and so little time, lets dive into the episode.

Bran. Okay so in previous seasons I’ve had trouble connecting to this storyline. Though they’ve set it up in a way for the audience to be aware that he will eventually be a key player; I feel like they’ve taken too long to get to the point and I find my mind wandering when Bran is involved. Though this episode I did enjoy the fact that his visions had to do with his father’s childhood. Not only did we get some insight into Ned Starks’ childhood but we also found out that Hodor once spoke and his name wasn’t Hodor. His name was Willis, don’t worry I’ll spare you the “Different Strokes” jokes. The one thing I am hoping to get from Bran’s visions is to maybe get some insight on who Jon Snow’s mother is.

It is often stated that Joffrey Baratheon is the meanest and cruelest character from Game Of Thones but I think this episode proved that statement to be wrong; Ramsay may just be the absolute worst. Not only did he kill his father this episode but he also killed his father’s wife and their brand new BABY. In that specific scene is when I was silently thanking the creators of Game of Thrones for not going with the “shock value” scene when it came to the baby death. Ramsay is preparing himself for an epic fight and with his father out of the way, he is free to ruin all of the lives he’d like.

Theon guilt-ridden and all, has decided to leave Sansa in the very capable hands of Brienne so that he could finally go home. Which is when we move on to Iron Island where we find out that Balon Greyjoy has a pyscho brother named Euron. We get confirmation that he is crazy when Euron decides to thrown Balon off of (an already faulty) bridge. Now that he is dead a new King must rule Iron Island and although Theon’s sister would like to take the crown, the law states that it should happen another way. These will certainly be an interesting set of events to witness.

Back at King’s Landing you get to witness how far the once mighty have fallen and you see the once weak (attempting to) stand on their own two feet. Cersei is stopped from going to her daughter’s funeral and a woman who once would have walked right through the barrier that the knights created decided to retrieve back to her room. In her room she holds on to the one thing that is always loyal, that glass of wine. Jamie and the High Sparrow have it out over the body of Myrcella and all this build up is making me hope that they make the High Sparrow death a satisfying one, we all know it’s coming.

We move on to Meereen (those Dragons though) where Tyrion, or as my friend Patrick called him: “The Dragon Whisperer”. Tyrion decides to release the Dragons from captivity, so he goes down the dungeon hall to where Daenerys has her two dragons chained. We see the once aggressive dragons give in to Tyrion’s charm, I mean who wouldn’t, as they allow him to unchain them. What now? We don’t actually see them get out, so will they go find Daenerys? Will they burn the place down? Will they finally take a comfortable nap?

We arrive back at Castle Black, with my heart in my throat and my anxiety through the roof I watched the last couple of minutes of the episode unsure of what to expect. I’d like to request just a solid slow clap for Davos, I was hoping he’d come through and he absolutely did. Okay I’m getting ahead of myself; so Davos, Ghost and his companions are gearing up for a fight against the rest of the watch when a giant smash against the wall announces the arrival of Eddison Tollet, the Wildlings and a giant. You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief heard around the world. So with Allister arrested and the rest of the Night’s Watch relinquishing control, Davos brings the focus back to Jon Snow.

Davos goes to Melisandre to convince her to try to bring Jon Snow back and we see a woman who has lost all faith in her Lord of Light. He gives her a quick, “Remember that one time you gave birth to a smoke baby?” pep talk and she decides to try the spell that could bring back Jon Snow. Long story short, cheers were heard … by my neighbors.

She did it! The way this scene was done was beautiful; the anticipation had me sit up from the very comfortable bed of pillows I had made for myself. The way that the scene played out, Melisandre and the others believe that the spell didn’t work and they all leave the room. The last thing we see is Jon Snow open his big, beautiful eyes as he gasps for air and then the episode is over. Lets not get too excited though; what does this even mean? Is he the same Jon Snow that we had? Are his memories gone? A week is too long to wait for a new episode.

The episode was great from beginning to end; the show is letting it be known that it can stand on its own, apart from the book series. This episode contained a lot of information but didn’t feel rushed, it gave us enough of a story to balance out the numerous deaths and it managed to make the deaths feel necessary. We are constantly being shown how easily power can be lost, but the journey of seeing these characters attempt to regain the power they once had is what keeps me coming back for more. I mean, that and Jon Snow’s beautiful face of course.

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