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The Emerald City Comic Con Wrap Up

The Emerald City Comic Con Wrap Up
by Bea

Captain’s log: Stardate 93885.95
Is “nerd hangover” a thing? If not, it should be a thing. It’s been a couple of days since Emerald City ComicCon and my head is still swimming (ok, more like dog paddling with adorable Ironman waders on).

First thing you should know about me, my first experience with ComiCon was San Diego ComiCon when it was held at the Doubletree hotel in 1992 and I went as a fresh faced awkward comic book fangirl who clutched her Archie comics close to her chest. It was a virginal-popping experience and I haven’t looked back since. Fast forward to the 2016 ECCC. My, how ComiCon has grown! Between the size, universes, and, of course, whimper-inducing debt, it's wonderful, it’s great, and it’s honestly even more overwhelming after all these years.

Picture this. Nestled somewhere in the 1,255 miles (or 2,020 KM for our Canadian friends) between the unapologetically friendly Canadian border & San Diego, home of the glorious original, ComicCon, the geeky and nerdy eyes of North America turn toward Seattle, WA; the most urban-hipster caffeine-fueled city in the Pacific Northwest. The jewel of the northwest one could say, home of Nirvana, nestled just north of Mt. Rainier, and 1 mile away from Dick’s Burgers in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

Since 2008, ECCC has had one message that it has been trying to communicate to the masses, one that is supported by comic companies such Image Comics, Dark Horse, and Boom Studios and that message is, “Comics are for everyone.” The thing about that message is, it’s true! (all of it) In fact I was even able to lure a fellow twitter peep into this mad, mad, insane comic world that I call home. It is, in fact, for everyone.

ECCC has become the pride and joy of many comic book nerds (and those who didn't know they were one). Each year they have been able to slowly draw the attention away from the shiny, big sister that is SDCC and, like Sauron’s inexorable eye, toward it. Featured past celebrity guests have included Stan Lee and William Shatner. This year bore witness to the likes of Norman Reedus (sighs dreamily), Sean Austin, Nathan Fillion, Lana Parrilla, Sean Maguire, & The Weasley twins. Heck they even got some Seattle Seahawks to come up play some video games and wield their lightsabers. The list of talent goes on and on, a list that seems beautifully endless and includes artists, authors, makeup designers, and prop makers. The artist alley was so packed with talent this year that it lured at least 200 Deadpools out from the shadows. I’m thinking of creating a holiday in its honor. Why not? Hashtagallthetalent.

ECCC, features a wide array of activities for everybody including your tiniest ewok and your shyest Rey. The convention strives to invite families to join in with promises of Legos you don't have to pick up (but still have to avoid stepping on), balloon figures, and Stormtroopers who are nothing short of amazing. (seriously, shout out to my 501st Garrison Titan) I’m not sure what the other conventions offer, but ECCC totally embraces the family environment and wholly encourages you to fold your youngest padawan into the culture. ECCC offers daylong programming that includes all forms of industry guests, local indie talent, various discussion panels, comedy skits, drawing mashup competitions, celebrity signings and photo opportunities, prize drawings, a taco truck (!), a charity auction that benefits the children's hospital, and the most energetic cosplay community I could have ever imagined.

All this epicness is housed in the exhibitor's hall with comic retailers, not only from across the entire Pacific Northwest but from around the country. It’s like the Tardis! Too much epic to fit in one compact building. ECCC offers of a large stock of modern and vintage comics, as well as other products such as statues, action figures, models, etc. But what of CCG, RPG, video games, vintage pinball, and tabletop gaming crowds you ask? (ok maybe you didn't, but work with me here) It’s got all that, plus some Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and a saving throw! There is most certainly something for everyone, including our anime community! I could go on, but I would rather show you how ECCC and comics is for everybody. EVERYBODY! Join me next year in 2017 and maybe we can go chase after a few 300 Deadpools together.

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  1. Great article. Makes me wish I was there this year!

    1. I'm with you. It sounded awesome and hopefully I will join Bea up there next year.

  2. Great reporting! Makes me wanna attend with you next year.

  3. I'm so coming as Captain Underpants next year!