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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 Review

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 Review
by Julie Perez

I feel like I waited seven winters for the new season of Game of Thrones but it’s finally here and my little Jon-Snow-loving heart could not be happier. “The Red Woman” touched on every important storyline while giving us enough information on each character to quench our thirst.

We begin at the wall, where Jon Snow is dead. That is right ladies and gents; Jon Snow is cold and dead. I spent the entire episode waiting for something, anything to change the fact that he is dead but nope; he is dead. Now, that does not mean I have lost hope because I definitely haven’t. Who am I kidding? It could be the season finale, Jon Snow could still be dead and I’ll still be coming up with theories as to how he could come back to life. Anyway, Jon Snow is dead which has obviously caused a strain at the wall. Even though his fellow watchmen killed him, there were still some men at the wall that supported Snow’s decisions and they are not happy with his death. The tension is building and a big fight is coming … a big fight that may bring Jon Snow back to life … NO? Is that not how fighting works?

Moving on, we find out that Theon and Sansa survived the jump and now they are trying to escape the guards and hounds that Ramsay Bolton has sent after them. So they’re running in the snow, they feel like giving up, they cross through a freezing river; then they hide but are eventually found by the guards and hounds. Theon, determined to save Sansa decides to confront the guards in hopes that they’ll believe him when he says that Sansa died in the snow-they do not believe him. Everything is looking bad and then, like a brave hero during a climactic moment in an intense movie; Brienne came rushing in to save Sansa and just like that everything was right with the world. Brienne saves Sansa, Brienne pledges to protect Sansa, Sansa gives this whole “meat and mead” pledge and my heart is finally at ease (for the time being).

My mind tells me that I should hate the Sand Snakes but my heart is completely in love with the power that they unapologetically own and the way that they have taken over Dorne. Though I’m sure the wrath of the Sand Snakes is bound to hit one of my favorite characters, for the time being I am quite enjoying this powerful group of women who are taking charge. While we’re on the Sand Snakes, if we remember from the season finale they had a hand in the death of Myrcella; who is Cersei (and Jamie’s) daughter. This episode Cersei finds out about her daughter’s death and as she deals with her death, we are left in anticipation waiting to see what repercussions come from this.

We find Daenerys back with the Dothraki; she is whipped, exhausted and somehow still looking better than me on my best day. She is presented in front of the ruling Khal Moro … speaking of the ruling Khal Moro; can we just take a moment? I mean, Jason Momoa was wonderful and I’m sure it was difficult to cast Khal Moro but Joseph Naufahu … **slowly starts clapping**
Okay back to what’s important, Daenerys is presented to Khal Moro. She has to stand there holding her Dothraki tongue as he expresses to his people how he is going to take her at night. She stands there and takes it until he makes a move to touch her, which is when she exclaims in Dothraki (to their surprise) that he will not be touching her. She mentions that she was the wife of Khal Drogo, Khal Moro takes a step back and then Daenerys is informed that since she is Khal Drogo’s widow she is to head off to live in a temple with the Real Housewidows of Vaes Dothrak.

Dun. Dun. Dun

The episode closes while back at The Wall. We see Melisandre, the Red Woman, in her room getting ready for bed. She stands in front of a mirror slowly taking off her clothes and then (I wasn’t ready) she takes off her necklace (which apparently holds some very intense anti-aging cream) and we see that Melisandre is actually a very old, gray-haired, saggy-boobs, weak-looking woman.
That was a lot right? What does all of this even mean? Is Jon Snow really dead? Did you watch the episode? Was it everything that your winter-loving heart was expecting?
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