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Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal Review

Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal Review
by Julie Perez

A completely different kind of love story; Demolition took me on a journey that I never realized I needed. Jake Gyllenhaal has consistently been part of beautiful cinematic features and Demolition is no exception. We meet Gyllenhaal when he is the spoiled, too-busy-to-care businessman Davis Mitchell (Jake Gyllenhaal proving once more that we will continue to love him even if he plays men who are so clearly uncomfortable in the world). For most of the movie we witness Mitchell be this man who is incapable of feeling, a man that had to force himself to try to cry at his wife’s funeral. Yet, Gyllenhaal finds the heart and the humor in this character that otherwise could have been off-putting and standoff-ish.

The story is about so much more than just grief; it’s about love, relationships, acceptance, moving on, honesty and bravery. Though the “demolition” theme carried a bit heavy throughout the movie being that the metaphors continuously appeared throughout the film, it turned out to be necessary for the characters to come full circle in the end. The beauty about Demolition is that the movie is definitely a Drama but it kept finding little pockets of sunshine within the darkness. They inserted little jokes or light-hearted moments at just the right time.

The love story is in the honesty. Demolition takes a different approach in discussing grief and though odd, the honesty in the storytelling is what made me fall in love. What I took away from the movie is that; sometimes you have to fall apart and sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in order to become a better person. At the end of it all: people need people. Mitchell needed Karen, Phil and Chris to become the man that crawled into my heart and had me crying at the end of the movie. I recommend this movie one hundred percent, not only is Jake Gyllenhaal exemplary in his role but the entire cast comes together perfectly to create a heartbreakingly beautiful world.

I should also note that I didn’t realize that I needed to see Jake Gyllenhaal in suspenders in my life and yet here I am currently giving the costume designer of the movie a standing ovation. In all seriousness though, listen up internet; we came together in a beautiful way for Leonardo DiCaprio this year and I think it’s about time we start our official campaign to get Jake Gyllenhaal an Oscar. This man has gifted us with consistent and impressive work for years! So, lets get it together and campaign, campaign, campaign! I personally thought he deserved it for Southpaw, but was willing to drop the subject for Leonardo DiCraprio. So, who’s with me? Who wants to direct the “Get Jake Gyllenhaal an Oscar” campaign?
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