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The Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 1 Review

The Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 1 Review
by Bryan Scheidler

This week DC has released The Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 1. If you have never read a comic that is based on a live action property they always make for interesting reads. Mainly because the audience is already familiar with these versions of the characters and they understands them. They know how the characters are supposed to behave, how they sound, what their reactions would be in a given situation. If the writer decides not to stay true to the characters that people are already familiar with than the entire comic has the potential of just feeling wrong.

While that has been the problem with other “adaptation” comics I have read, The Adventures of Supergirl does not suffer from this. Reading this book you would think writer Sterling Gates was actually apart of the shows writing staff. We are treated to the characters that we have come to recognize from the show. Kara is eager to prove she is a capable hero, Alex is eager to rush in to protect her invulnerable sister, and Hank is the pessimistic leader that doesn’t yet have full confidence in Kara’s abilities. The story in Chapter 1 is like reading an extra script for the TV series. Of course Gates is no stranger to Supergirl, he was writing her from 2008-2011, so it is possible the show version is based off of his vision for the character.

The art in this comic is also as much apart of the story telling as the words and Bengal’s is amazing to behold. There is a purity to Supergirl as she is flying around, even when she is fighting the villain in this book. Contrast that to other characters, even the brief glimpse we get of her as Kara Danvers shows how dull the rest of the world is without Supergirl. Maybe that is the point. Bengal could be telling his own story about how the world with Supergirl is a better place and that with out her the world just isn’t as bright and hopeful.

If you are a fan of the show you will enjoy reading this comic. From its spot on representation of the characters to the wonderful art, this book works on many levels for me. Honestly the only complaint I have about it is that it is short. Since it is only chapter 1 it feels like we only got the first part of the story up until the commercial break, but at least they know I will be back for more. You can get The Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 1 today from
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