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Where Nerds Eat: Bottle Logic

Where Nerds Eat: Bottle Logic
by Michael Quezada

So now that I'm not knee deep in Snickers and Blow Pops, and I have finally come out of a nerd filled Halloween weekend, I actually got did have some time to do stumble into some amazing places and eat at some Nerdtastic places.

On the Thursday before Halloween, I was invited to a local watering hole, in Orange County. Bottle Logic has quickly become one of the best, if not the best local brewery in Orange County. They have an amazing mix of beers that range from Sour's like the "Berlinear Equation: Berliner Weisse with Raspberries and Boysenberries · 5.8% ABV" ( my favorites), to Hoppy flavor full IPA's like "Bottle Logic Ocularity, Double IPA 9.5% ABV, they have something for everyone. I was invited because they were having a "Harry Potter Trivia night", now apparently trivia nights there are a pretty normal thing, but you say Harry Potter and the Nerds will come running, and boy did we. The tasting room was decked out with floating candles, Muggles, and a whole slew of kids from different houses. Now there was mostly kids from Gryffindor, and me being from Slytherin, I wasn't too excited, but I was still happy to see that the Potter fandom is not dead, but is alive and thriving. I joined the line and was quickly greeted by Professor Trewlaney, ( aka Lindsay Langton, Tasting Room and Social Media Manager).

I started with the Goldzilla: Blonde Ale · 8.0% ABV, An approachable, malt-oriented American beer that is well-balanced and great for easy-drinking. I pulled up to the bar and Trewlaney tried to use her Divination to see my future, or what my next drink would be which ended up being the "Berlinear Equation", the staff there really try to help you find what you are looking for and what you like. Now unlike the other review that I did at BarrelWorks that had a restaurant attached to it, there is no food here, they do have food trucks showing up nightly, and a list of which ones are coming on each day. So I grabbed some Sushi from the "Rolling Sushi Food Truck", I wasn't there to review the food truck, but it was good. Trewlaney pointed me in the direction of the special concoctions that they had made just for that night, they were all really good, "PolyJuice Potion: a west coast IPA with Green Tea and Peach Blossom tea, ABV 6.5%, Amortentia: Belgian Session ale with tropical tea and Hibiscus, ABV 4.8%, Sectum Sempra: Porter with Vanilla Cocoa Nibs and Chili peppers, ABV 5.5%, Vertiaserum: Belgian Gold with fresh pressed Ginger and Lime juice, ABV 4.8%, and I don't think I had a favorite, they spared no expense in the time it took to make these beers , and the quality really shined.

 So during all this tasting I was trying to come up with answers to some of the hardest Potter questions that I have ever heard, or I had a little too much PolyJuice. Bottle Logic stands out as one of the best breweries in Southern California, they care for the beer and the customer. They don't just make beers that only they like, but beer for the novice and experienced beer aficionado. Their customer service is top notch and you can tell that they actually like doing what they are doing. This Food Nerd is really impressed and I give them 4.75 Nerd Glasses out of 5. I was really skeptical about how great they actually were, and was even more impressed. Like the picture of Nikola Tesla they have in their tasting room, they are sparking change pushing the limits of Craft Beer into the future, and I want to be along for the ride

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